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Tips Ganti Wallpaper dan Tema di Windows Phone 7 (Nokia Lumia 610)

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Baru menggunakan Windows Phone 7 di Nokia Lumia 800 atau Nokia Lumia 710, dan masih bingung cara ganti tema dan wallpaper di Nokia Lumia 610 dan Lumia 800? Berikut ini langkah cepat dan mudah untuk mengganti tema dan Wallpaper di Windows Phone 7.

Langkah Ganti Wallpaper di Nokia Lumia – pertama masuk ke Setting dengan cara geser layar ke dari kanan ke kiri atau tekan tombol panah di atas layar. Masuk ke menu Lock + Wallpaper – Change Wallpaper, kemudian Anda cari wallpaper yang sudah tersedia secara default di Nokia Lumia Anda atau bisa juga menggunakan wallpaper yang ada di koleksi foto milik Anda.

Sedangkan untuk mengganti Theme di Nokia Lumia 900 atau Lumia 610, cara sangat mudah sekali. Sama seperti akan mengganti Wallpaper, silahkan masuk ke menu Setting, namun kini Anda pilih menu Theme. Selanjutnya pada Background tentukan apakah mau light atau dark, begitu juga pada Accent Color, pilih warna sesuai dengan keinginan Anda. Pilihan Accent Color ini akan merubah warna tampilan kotak-kotak di Windows Phone 7, jika Anda bosan tampilan kotak berwarna Cyan, Anda bisa menggantinya warna merah ataupun pink dan warna lainnya.

June 11, 2012

WordPress Application for Windows Phone 7

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It had been rumored for more than a week on an official application for Windows WordPress Phone 7, and finally announced. This completely free open source application, allows bloggers to do all common tasks such as we moderate comments, post or page write clearly, and check overall statistics. The good news is that it works on a blog hosted by us or on

The idea is to offer WordPress by applying a series of tools that allow us to carry out the daily tasks of the bloggers, at any time and place, a very simple way, from a “view” from which we can control everything almost as if we were using WordPress from our computer. You just need to have an Internet connection and a phone with Android, and now joins those who already have available from BlackBerry and iPhone.

December 18, 2010

IMDb App for Windows Phone 7

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IMDB, the most gigantic database of movies in the world can be seen either as an application on Windows Phone 7, and soon launch has become the most downloaded application and more light. In the next video will be a review of how to use this application, and how to navigate it, for example if you enter your location then you will see the hours to be functions of the film in theaters in your city

As in the IMDB page can be explored in great detail everything that is reference to TV series and movies, and as seen, does not disappoint at all, quite the contrary, has had an unparalleled success. You can also see trailers, browse through the images of actors and actresses, check news, and more. It’s fast and effective. So do not miss the video below.

November 29, 2010