Beranda 10 Quick Tips But Essential To Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

10 Quick Tips But Essential To Take Better Photos With Your iPhone

Here are some simple tips to take good pictures with your iPhone

1. The darkness is your enemy!
Indeed, the iPhone camera works best under good lighting conditions. With earlier models of the iPhone 4, without LED flash, pictures taken in the dark are scrambled by a grain too pronounced.
Having said that, under certain conditions, this effect can be interesting (if you like for example images blurred by a grain too strong!) But generally, we look instead to get a shot nicely contrasted and sharp, especially if you count them apply further processing (especially since some appi tend to further reduce the image resolution).

2. Light! Still more light!
There are many applications claiming to be able to improve post the brightness of the image or recreate the effect of a flash for 3G or 3G models. This is an illusion.
If lighting conditions are satisfactory, take your photos in the sun behind you to get clear images, unless you are looking to photograph silhouettes (which can often result in impressive shots).

3. Angle passes
We too often tend to keep the subject line on a strictly horizontal or vertical axis, however, do not be afraid to go out and try to switch a little this way, taking his iPhone at a slight angle to break Conventions and thus obtain a result to the aesthetic interest.

4. Take time to take pictures
If you can afford it, take several photos of your subject in varying angles. This is one of the advantages of digital photography as not to limit the number of shots and can choose the best shot after shot and discard the rest.

5. Let me breathe!
Unless you are the proud owner of an iPhone 4, do not take photos too close to your subject.
To shoot people, go instead to a distance of 60 cm to 3.5 m. Obviously, it is not always possible to choose this distance, especially when one takes a picture from life: in that case, take several shots if possible and choose the best later.

6. Do not move!
It goes without saying that the iPhone can hold fast to get pictures less blurry. There are applications to enhance the accuracy or otherwise to blur his photographs in various ways, but it is better from a sharp picture.Try to keep your iPhone with two hands, and eventually made a call for photo app that fires regardless of the place you touch the screen (but this disables the touch focus), or that incorporates a stabilizer taking picture when the camera is sufficiently stable.

7. The importance of hygiene
Clean as often as possible the lens of the iPhone, especially if you carry in your pocket full of crumbs. The best thing to do is to use a dry cloth, but you can also use your finger (if you have not dipped in jam while eating biscuits which we find traces in the pockets) or a corner t-shirt if you have no choice!

8. On your marks, get set, shoot!
The camera of the iPhone is activated when you release the button on the screen. So it is better to press the button (or the whole screen, if you use an app that uses this function), and hold: Frame your subject and only then remove the finger from the screen.

9. 1, 2, 3 … Sun!
The apparatus of the iPhone can produce unexpected results if you move when you take a picture, or you capture a moving object. This can sometimes be to your advantage and make interesting pictures, but generally it is best to avoid any movement: whether the device itself or about you!

10. Simplify more!
Always make sure your pictures are simple. Images with too many items are generally not very good on iPhone limit them up in your frame.

And, finally, remember the unwritten rule: Have fun!

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