Beranda 5 Tips To Read Your Feeds from Twitter

5 Tips To Read Your Feeds from Twitter

A couple of weeks, I explained my reasons on why he thought the traditional feed readers as we know they had only one alternative: to renew or to die. I want to affect the subtle but noticeable difference between a feed reader, such as an absolute, a traditional feed reader so to speak and a feed reader based on Twitter, in all cases we are doing the same, read feeds the sites we’ve signed, what changes is the ‘how’ we do it.

When we talk about Twitter, the more comfortable without doubt do this is by using lists, however, to access all your feeds in a comfortable way, the process is not as easy as finding all the accounts and put them in a list there are some observations that I’ve been seeing in the months I’ve been using the system and would like to share with you.

Unless feeds Subscribe: This may seem trivial, but I assure you it is not. Readers like Google Reader do not read articles that are stored as there are unread items in Twitter just yet buried after the latest updates from other accounts that are on the list. We can say that the main difference is both real time services, while Google Reader makes this classic furniture for the magazines where we can leave back issues, Twitter is showing us all the time fresh news, new news to those becomes much more difficult to access when you stop having the character of novelty. Subscribe only to those that really contribute something interesting and timely.

Use a Twitter client that falls short: When whatever reason I had to read my feeds on a computer that is not mine and I’ve stuck a look at my lists from the web interface experience has been a authentic martyrdom. For me there is nothing like Tweetdeck but I recommend Sessmic or Hootsuite Web. In the case of the iPad, a major responsibility that I have mutliplicado using Twitter as a feed reader is clear that an application is essential: Flipboard

Each list is a folder: Most likely, if not it should do, is that in your Google Reader feeds have all separated by folders. In the case of Twitter is exactly the same, although as said earlier is better not to abuse the number of feeds per list, much depends on the frequency of updating each one, but I would say there should be no more than 20 accounts list .

Share the content: If there is an advantage Twitter has over any other feed reader is that once the link comes into your timeline, this is much less likely to stay there still, stagnant, so take advantage of it. Share what you find important and interesting and discard what does not, and also you are helping to create news that will come to be trending the same topic and showing your supporters Twitterqué is what interests you and what not, so you can give lead to very interesting conversations.

One thing does not remove the other: When I wrote that other article, many took it as a direct attack aGoogle Reader, nothing is further from the truth, the only criticism was that I tried the traditional model that we have to read feeds, that is simply not looks good to me, is that much more can be enriched through social networks. In fact, it is enough that Google Reader provides support for reading feeds queFlipboard the same way, for example, which does not surprise me that we might see soon, that every statement is of no further effect. With the advent of Twitter that I have personally noticed is that a reader use to read news and posts that do not so much the ‘when’ and Twitter for those times when it, for those blogs that provide news and information Today in real time.

How many of you use Twitter you either complementary or exclusively to read your feeds? If you do not, I strongly suggest you give him an opportunity to the system, going to see how you discover many new aspects of the feeds and read so far you did not know.

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