Beranda Another Way How To Uninstall App on Android

Another Way How To Uninstall App on Android

In the previous post, I explained how to become root from your Android handset. Mostly this is to uninstall applications that bring the factory smartphones. There are many programs that can do this and here I am going to recommend one of the best.

In the first place and to make things easier in the future, we will download via Market QR code reader and I recommend the ShopSavy. There are many others (BarcodeScan, QRContact, etc. …) but I’ve been since the first day using it and has not given me any problems.

Once installed, you can download free applications to do almost anything. QR code reading, our terminal and look for the application and only have to press the download button. But back to topic: applications to uninstall other applications.

Uninstaller Pro: Exceptionally easy to use and most effective I’ve encountered. Not only do we go ALL applications, but with 2 clicks we did everything. Almost one of the first applications to be downloaded.

Astro File Manager: a file browser fantastically good, really. With us we can move on the Android file system and view, delete and even edit the files. To uninstall the applications you want, we just have to move into / system / app, and uninstall the application.

Titanium Backup: a powerful tool that not only allows us to make backups of our applications but, navigating through the menu Copy / Restore can select the application you want to choose among many options: copy, run the application, freeze it, uninstall or delete the data.

And you? Do you know any other application to kill Android apps from our system? What is the most you like?

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