Beranda Aplikasi Facebook yang Mengandung Virus?

Aplikasi Facebook yang Mengandung Virus?

When one of your Facebook friends gives “Like” or get infected and this link is beginning to spread by all accounts, it becomes very annoying not to mention the damage they could cause, we will give several symptoms you may notice thus detect a bug in the network.

The first sign is when the same comment after being published in the profiles of your friends or as a comment on any of the publications themselves. This means that the link was accessed to contain infection are spammer and automatically generating publications.

Generally, these publications are accompanied by a malicious link in the text and always carry sentences to draw users’ attention and induce them to enter, use words such as: warning, unusual care or tell stories full of curiosity that “only You can see “if you click on the link.

According to the BitDefender brand, 20% of Facebook users were infected through their profiles, it is this percentage is alarming because it means that over one hundred million people are infected with the virus circulating in the network.

Precisely the company BitDefender made available an application for Facebook with the same name that scans each post that are on your wall, or displayed on the news feed to find out if anyone is infected. You can also scan your inbox messages.

Doing what Facebook is also banned bait easier for users, for example, see who visited your profile, who deleted you as a friend, or change the color of the profile. All this can be done on Facebook!, However, is lack of people can take to click on the links and therefore infected. Buttons I do not like “or” Dislike “are very common too, as accessories for games, gifts or malicious applications.

They say “curiosity killed the cat” but remember, praise cats have nine lives so they can get carried away by his curiosity to eight times always have an extra life, on the internet the chances are not as high, entering a site infected may harm your computer permanently.

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