Beranda Apps for iPhone: Fring Social Networks

Apps for iPhone: Fring Social Networks

Fring is an app that will allow us to make calls, video calls and chat, allowing contact with users of social networks such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.., Free, from iPhone users. I’m using on my iPhone 3G to contact another user of a 3G iPhone, and the truth is going very well, of course, as the 3G iPhone has no video camera will only be possible to receive and not sending video.

The handling of the app is simple, create a username and password after putting choose if you add a contact from the phonebook or manually (add new buddy). From More … Addons, configure the accounts we have with other social networks, Twitter … .. in that way without leaving Fring contacts. We can also send messages by email.

From the menu buddy list, users see the mobile and iPhone contacts who will have the same icon as the app, if connected will be shown in green, if offline its icon will be gray. First of all make a fring test call, if we listened all, let-notifications settings, Fring and found that the sounds are activated and ready to call. Playing in our contact to call, will display a window to choose between calling, call and chat. During the call you can switch between speaker and speakerphone.

If we are not online when we are calling and have notifications enabled, it will advise us, as well as be shown in numbers on the icon of the app, we missed those, this will also be an event that appears in Stream, where Archiving is the type of activity that has been with Fring.

More … .. In a new window opens where among other things: add more users, view call history, offlline show, quit the program, etc. By the way if you leave the program, we will have the ability to receive calls, so we start introducirde new data with which to start the first time.

When making a video call with Fring if our partner does not have video camera, we are shown a warning as there is no video input. The window on the right is the video that sends the caller. Whoever receives the video call, see the video in an acceptable size. I end this letter knowing that there is still enough to add, but complies with the intent to bring this app, no doubt highly recommended, leaving aside other elements that may be unaware and therefore beyond my reach.

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