Beranda Blackberry Messenger Social Platform Review

Blackberry Messenger Social Platform Review

Finally Blackberry begins to exploit the value of its user community and, personally, I think one of the best services for loyal users: the Blackberry Messenger becomes a social platform BBM Social Platform

What does it mean for developers to access BBM?

First have access to a social platform and installed that everyone sees as a simple chat tool, but growing at 1.5MM new users per month (28 million active) and if you can connect your applications via APIs and create plugins …. have:

  • Contact list: your application can be viral with two clicks within a circle of trust … or just get to play across the world;)
  • BBM user profile user access status so you can use it as a marketing link (remember signing Hotmail)
  • Communities Application dedicated for this is great, you can create groups now, but creating “tied” to an application and to initiate action group is great.
  • Data Transfer “Needless to say that you can integrate this protocol into your application so they can send photos, audio, video and so on.?
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