Call of Duty: Black Ops, to Feel The Bullets and The Smell Of Blood

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In November comes another great video games, adventures in Call of Duty: Black Ops the live longer than ever with its new 3D mode feel even the smell of blood.

The 3D mode is available for three major platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, making it one of the few 3D games available for Xbox. Of course, know that you should begin to enjoy them by buying a compatible TV and glasses.

In addition to a television special 3D glasses, you need a 3D graphics card NVIDIA. Mark Lamia, Treyarch, who developed the video game study, said that “3D stereoscopic technology started as a research and development, but when we saw how far we could advance the gaming experience of Call of Duty, how well permeate both products and the many possibilities offered, we knew we had to develop a specific method for Black Ops. “

When you look in front of the TV with the game and if you have the required technology, so you need to do is select the 3D option in the game menu, or disable it at any time. This feature is available to the campaign mode, multiplayer, and Zombies.


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