Beranda Cara Mudah Menghemat Baterai Handphone Android

Cara Mudah Menghemat Baterai Handphone Android

When cell phones were only for making and receiving calls, the battery could last several days. With the advent of smart phones and their ability to connect to the Internet, send and receive data, integration of social networking and other services, it is rare for a full charge takes no more than a day. But there are steps you can take to maximize the battery life. Here are some suggestions:

  • Identify applications that are constantly connected to the web and in their respective settings adjusts the frequency with which they do (news aggregators, news, social networking applications). The constant connection to the Internet is a major cause of excessive battery.
  • If you do not need the application that is causing the power loss, remove it. My personal rule is: If more than one week and I have not used it do not really need it.
  • Even if Android does not need a “Task Killer” because it has its own mechanism for disabling applications that are not in use, having one can be useful to disable applications that are causing excessive load consumption. Be careful to turn off, there are processes which are necessary for normal functioning of the phone and there are applications that simply are reactivated. You can get one in the Android Market.
  • Use a “widget” that allows you to monitor memory consumption and loading available. A high consumption of memory or CPU cycles can point to a problem application. There are excellent “widgets” in the Android Market.
  • Speaking of “widgets”, make sure you do not have any consistent use of the connection to the web.
  • Avoid excessive use of “bump charging.” This term refers to the following: To inject an extra dose of charge to the battery when you’re charging the phone and you see the battery icon indicates that you are charged, disconnect it and then reattach it. This can be done from time to time, but eventually affect battery performance.
  • You can charge your phone several times a day if needed, modern lithium batteries do not develop “memory” as the old, so it reduces the time that last charged.

Remember that the more often you connect to the Internet, make downloading or transferring data, the greater the consumption of battery. The course duration varies between manufacturers, but overall, Android makes very effective use of the battery.

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