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Cara Merubah Menu Speed Dial di Opera Mini

Bosan dengan tampilan menu awal Opera Mini, yang hanya menampilkan 9 Link yang tidak kamu suka? Tips sederhana berikut adalah cara merubah Menu Speed Dial di Opera Mini.

Caranya cukup mudah arahkan kursor ke kotak-kotak yang tersedia homescreen Opera Mini (ada sembilan kotak), Nah untuk merubah salah satu Speed Dial (kotak) tinggal klik kotak tersebut (jangan dilepaskan) sampai keluar pilihan “Clear” dan “Edit”, pilih Clear, sehingga kotak speed dial tersebut kini kosong (ada tanda +). Untuk mengisi Speed Dial tersebut dengan web favorit kamu, tinggal klik tanda +

Mudah bukan?


The Application of Youtube for Android Updated

It seems that the Google guys kept a surprise for us tonight, so stop talking Blogs, at least for a few minutes from the Apple Keynote.

Youtube application Update that is ready for download on Android Market, which gives a complete facelift to the mobile version for this OS. New look, more in line with the overall aesthetics, enhanced search and above all, makes a winning application usability.

The truth is that previous versions of the application, it fell short of Android, and at no time came to have the quality of the version “sister” for iOS, so we are looking forward to the appearance of this update. Now, you know, all updated.

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The Best and Most Favorite Mobile Applications

Want to urge your mobile applications but do not know what more useful, another scenario is that want an application but do not know where to get it. Dysthymic commissioned to do a report that gathers the most important applications in the last three months.Today, you will see technology for IOS devices, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian. The division is also made between applications for payment and free applications, we leave the list.

The Most Favorite Free Applications:

  • iBooks (IPAD): An application that can download and store electronic books to read on the screen after the iPad HD.
  • Type n ‘Talk (iPhone): This application speaks for you, so typing on the keyboard is replicated by the application.
  • Blackberry Messenger (Blackberry App World)
  • Pandora Radio (Google Android Market)
  • ZumZum (Nokia Ovi Store): According to the description of the application, “Zum-zum is an exciting game full of adrenaline. It has attractive graphics and simple rules. You have to have time to destroy a chain of colored balls creating lines which contain at least 3 pieces of the same color before the guardian of the pyramid beetle takes a chain away to his lair. “
  • Facebook (Palm App Catalog)
  • Microsoft My Phone (Windows Marketplace for Mobile).

The Most Favorite Paid Applications:

  • Pages (IPAD): It costs $ 10, it is the word processor became famous in iPhone and Mac, but now it is available for iPad.
  • Angry Birds (iPhone): This is a game you can buy for $ 1. 195 levels of birds are angry that you can defeat with intelligence.
  • BeBuzz (Blackberry App World): Do you have a secretary? It is no longer necessary with this application you can set it to with audible reminders, worth $ 6.
  • Widgets Beautiful (Google Android Market): Customize your Android for $ 2.
  • ToonWarz (Nokia Ovi Store)
  • mCraig (Palm App Catalog)
  • Meon (Windows Marketplace for Mobile)

Android: The Best Mobile Operating System?

The new operating system born in the last scene of the proposals for smartphones has recently made great strides. Based on a linux kernel has been developed in full logic Open Source. In this respect, Google was able to buy as the confidence of the producers of so-called anti-iphone. But what are the features that make this unique operating system?

First you need to consider multitasking. Mixed blessing epr smartphone operating systems if not properly developed and implemented this is likely to end up a problem rather than an asset. In fact the first real problem is the consumption of scarce energy resources that we have to keep open several applicaizoni although these can be managed by the processing power and ample supply of ram. While we can somewhat accept applications on smartphones monotasking multitasking or rose water. In a tablet we expect a real multitasking if this should somehow replace a laptop or a netbook anyway.

Also what should not be underestimated is the support to Flash. Recent Web applications are full, full of flash animations from the interactive multimedia advertising. An operating system that supports it is likely to end up like iOS4. If I’m satisfied, on the one hand, to navigate through the various web app, prefrisco navigate via the browser with a tablet. And if a meeting of an animated flash intro or something I think is a real limitaizone not be able to enjoy that content.

That’s the war of operating systems including light gives way to the war between platforms. Flash over the years has built a multimedia platform, giving voice and spirit and a web in two dimensions. Suffice it to say that the same visualizzaizone movies on the web streaming is almost completely based on flash components to understand the scope of such a disruptive technology. Almost all major portals for sharing video and audio flash support without which they should go back to the time of year as Windows Media Player embedded Internet Explorer 6. For some flash content has become the lingua franca to appear intact and in different browsers on different operating systems. Avoid it could be a mess, and Android supports it but not avoid it in full.

Also look at the park applications available. Even if Android was delayed compared to iOS it is still catching up, especially in niche applications. The big problem with Android is, unfortunately, the poor quality of many applications. The fact that there is someone that valid applications in a timely manner means that applications made to circulate only evil that number and quantity, but to no avail. For charity is also populated by those iphone apps but the mere fact of being subject to a disciplinary publication makes the applicaizoni also due to be checked for quality. Surely someone will say that Apple deliberately censor some app not for purely technical reasons but for reasons of convenience and I think this is the big difference between the two systems. One armored and one fully open. The choice is also between two different philosophies.

Finally, the reference hardware. There is no doubt that Android daily struggle for compatibility with any component, which does not happen on Ios. In an environment where devices are made with components from different manufacturers and features a different operating system has the high burden of having to adapt to a good amount of hardware failures, and of course could not miss. If we want is that we could do the same analogy between a PC and a mac. While a Windows operating system has always had to take account of the infinite availability of compatible hardware, the Mac has always been based on hardware already set up without regard to others.


Amazon is Preparing an Application Store for Android

Amazon, the largest bookstores in the world, aims to enter fully into the mobile software market. As they say in the Wall Street Journal, Amazon would be hashed out details for the launch of an Android application store. The newspaper claims a document that explains the conditions for developers, which among other things, includes applications in your shop can not be sold at a lower price anywhere else, and that Amazon will have exclusivity for at least two weeks ( assume that relate exclusively on Android, or may forget also have applications available on IOS). What is not known is whether this store is only for additional income or as part of the ecosystem to a possible tablet, and the family is sure to continue to grow Kindle.


Skype for Android now available

There was already an official version of Skype for Android, but was not available to everyone. Mauro and told us some months ago that Skype plans to launch the application via the Android Market so that everyone could download, but did not have a specific date. Luckily, we had to wait long and the official application for Android and Skype can be downloaded.

The application is available for smartphone using Android 2.1 or higher is recommended to have at least a 600Mhz processor speed. Skype for Android is available from the Android Market or accessing m.

The application allows you to make VoIP calls over 3G networks and Wi-Fi and use the instant messaging system or chat. Moreover, if we use Skype on your computer can also synchronize contacts between the mobile application and the desktop.


A Brief history of Android 1.0 – Android 2.1

In July 2005, Google buys Android Inc., a small company based in Palo Alto, California, and then began to move beyond rumors that Google was planning to build its own free mobile phone and free to focus on advertising revenue in searches of people to move a little status quo in the mobile market. Obviously, those rumors were false a free mobile Android but ultimately turned out to be something much more interesting and revolutionary: an open source mobile operating system powered nothing more and nothing less than Google … so let’s review the history of Android.

The initial release of the Android Software Development Kit was released in November 2007, and well after mid-August 2008 – appeared in Android 0.9 SDK beta. The next month-end September 2008 – Android 1.0 SDK finally released (Release 1). Six months after the beginning of March 2009, Google introduced version 1.1 of Android for the “dev phone” and the update included some minor cosmetic changes as well as support for “voice search” paid applications on Android Market, the clock alarm arrangements , Gmail and other improvements.

In mid-May 2009, Google released version 1.5 of the Android OS (called Cupcake) with its own SDK which includes new features such as video recording, support for Bluetooth stereo system, customizable on-screen keyboard, voice recognition and AppWidget framework that allowed developers to create their own widgets to the page. Android 1.5 was the version that most people used to get started with Android (with T-Mobile G1 and HTC Dream in the U.S.) and still is a version that is available in many phones like the HTC Android Hero or several new MOTOBLUR like Motorola Backflip or Motorola Dexter.

Then came Android 1.6 “Donut” in September 2009 with improvements in search, display and battery use to control VPN applet. In fact, this version was so good that all Android do not have a custom interface like HTC are now Motoblur Sense or 1.6, including the T-Mobile G1, and today remains the most popular version.

To take things further, the Droid Motorola (Motorola Milestone for us) was launched Android 2.0 “Eclair” which included several new features and even pre-loaded applications requiring a hardware much faster than the previous generation of phones with Android (a months later, went 2.0.1, a minor update).

Shortly thereafter, the Google Nexus One (which marked a before and after as Google tried to sell it yourself and release, as well as in some carriers) came with Android 2.1 (which some called “Flan” but Google is considering part of “Eclair”) with new 3D capabilities, live wallpapers and what it meant a major improvement from 1.6 platform. In fact, everyone is asking to be updated to 2.1 their own devices with Android, but it is likely that some may not work well all the features of this version.

Looking to the future of the platform, first Android Market app store is the fastest growing and reaching the 40 000 applications, operating system Android is the fastest growing in the United States almost beat iPhone, Motorola, together with Some other manufacturers are driving the landing in Latin America Android economic teams, and the other some complain about the fragmentation of the platform due to the different versions but the truth is that it is already starting to develop the know-how to provide updates to users in the future 2.1 and the following further that fragmentation is something that in the mobile world is almost inevitable.


xPeria X10: How to Make Screenshot on your Android

If you are a heavy user, it is very important to be able to make screenshots of your phone Android as this can be done manually, requiring support and much more! You can catch shaking the computer screen, or you can select a key to perform the action.


  • Download the application from your phone by entering the Market by searching the word “Screenshot”. You must be ROOT your Android phone to use it.
  • This Android App works with Motorola Milestone, HTC Hero, Nexus One, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10