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Play Angry Birds on Laptop

The game has been downloaded over 45 million times from the App Store is now available for PC with Intel AppUp. The plot is quite interesting: it tells of a war between birds and pigs, the pigs have stolen the eggs of birds and the birds will want revenge on the enemy launched with a slingshot.

There are several types of birds, all very angry, and we find them in the game as Avenza (105 stages, you want to play). There is what explodes, what is split, the one that snaps into the air, that drop bombs, there’s something for everyone. Obviously the smart pigs will defend itself with lard that we should just bring down to hit them. If we want to talk about the environments are very pleasing to look at all five, and at the end of each of them is a Boss, a beautiful oversized pig.

The gameplay is really something special, do not play around too much or becoming addicted, seriously. E ‘taken care of in every way, from graphics tender and plump snowmen cartoons typical of the sounds and upbeat music. In the early levels you will be given the chance to experience the physics of the game, taking his hand in choosing the angle of the sling. Some may seem simple, but to complete all 105 levels and I assure you that there will.

Well, you’re still there to read quest’inutile article with the typical face stupid? Go and buy it on site AppUp at

Prohibited for children under three years, read the leaflet carefully.

January 28, 2011

Angry Birds, Now Available on PlayStation 3 and PSP

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It seems that the game has no boundaries Angry Birds. And indeed that title for mobile has managed to be downloaded over 50 million times going to make the jump to consoles. At the moment it was confirmed that the game will come out in this week on Sony consoles, the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable, PSP. Released within the catalog of Ministers on the PlayStation Store.

Angry Birds began his career as a game for iPhone. It had to release birds from structures nstruidas by evil pigs. So we could end up with their evil plans. This approach then jumped Android phones due to its great success. A success that continues to reap today and lets also go on sale in the current consoles. In fact later we see it in the other platforms.

January 5, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops, to Feel The Bullets and The Smell Of Blood

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In November comes another great video games, adventures in Call of Duty: Black Ops the live longer than ever with its new 3D mode feel even the smell of blood.

The 3D mode is available for three major platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, making it one of the few 3D games available for Xbox. Of course, know that you should begin to enjoy them by buying a compatible TV and glasses.

In addition to a television special 3D glasses, you need a 3D graphics card NVIDIA. Mark Lamia, Treyarch, who developed the video game study, said that “3D stereoscopic technology started as a research and development, but when we saw how far we could advance the gaming experience of Call of Duty, how well permeate both products and the many possibilities offered, we knew we had to develop a specific method for Black Ops. “

When you look in front of the TV with the game and if you have the required technology, so you need to do is select the 3D option in the game menu, or disable it at any time. This feature is available to the campaign mode, multiplayer, and Zombies.

October 6, 2010

Download Game Terbaik Untuk iPhone

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Kalau kamu lagi bingung mencari game terbaik untuk iPhone, atau iPad kamu, berikut ini beberapa game terbaik untuk iPhone.

Cooking Dash Lite – Free / Cooking Dash Full – $ 0.99
More than 40,000 people in the AppStore have played at least one version of Cooking Dash, and the latest version offers many improvements and updates to previous versions. For a free iPhone game, Cooking Dash has also received some very good scores. In Cooking Dash, Flo is the proud owner of Flo’s Diner. After a cook out of the dinner to seek better opportunities in a cooking TV show, Flo must improve their culinary skills to keep up with the demand of many customers hungry Town Supper. Help Flo and her grandma keep up with the demands of customers, while serving burgers, chicken and other popular foods. The difficulty and challenge of this game is, Flo has five different diners at City Diner.

Angry Bird – $ 0.99
As for customer feedback, Angry birds is definitely one of the best iPhone games. This game has received perfect scores over 500 5 star hotel in the AppStore. With Angry birds, which are a team of five birds that are beyond angry revenge against the pigs. No, not the local police department. real animals from pigs who have stolen their eggs. Their only chance is to let the pigs, before taking their offspring Omlet. The birds in this game are not traditional birds, as they have no wings. Rather, they are very round in shape. This means that do not fly, so the main objective is to sling the birds in the territory of pork, and claim what is yours. Each of the five birds angry has a special talent, you will learn more about the game. In the famous fairy tale of the 3 Little Pigs, the wolf huffed and we puffed it, and let the house. In the famous Angry game birds, pigs again find their homes as a target. But birds are not as polite as the wolf, and use extreme force to tear the house. almost perfect score of this game makes it a best, you must have game for the iPhone. Check out our full review of Angry Angry birds birds and our Board and tricks.

Plants vs Zombies
The fun game Plants vs. Zombies is an iPhone applications highest score to date, grossing more than 14,000 comments, right on the AppStore. The aim of Plants vs Zombies is as much as the title suggests, is out of the fight against zombies by the use of plants as an important form of defense. Like zombies trying to invade your home, the only weapon that seems plausible to do some damage plants. Therefore, you have to plant a wide variety of plants to kill zombies in the entire field, since each of the 26 different types of zombies have different strengths and immunities. Use your seed wisely, or quickly zombies take over. To add even more challenge to the game, Zombies vs Plants incorporates several obstacles such as sunlight and water.

Doodle Jump – $ 0.99
Verification of customer feedback, Jump Doodle is another application of the iPhone with the best scores over 1000 perfect 5 stars in the AppStore. Jump Doodle Although the graphics will not blow you away, this game is surprisingly fun, addictive, and just stunning. With Doodle Jump, which is the Doodler Doodle, an anteater / alien-looking creature that travel around a graph paper background. Not to worry, because this game has nothing to do with mathematics. In particular, there are a variety of different gadgets and gizmos in his arsenal. Jump Doodle is a great iPhone game, full of things like UFOs, the packages of aircraft, propeller beanies, and more.

According to customer feedback, Skee-Ball is a better game with more than 8,000 iPhone perfect 5-star ratings in the AppStore. You’ve probably played a real game Skee-ball in your local arcade. Skee-Ball is a digital twist on the classic game trackball. Although a simple concept, it seems that Skee-Ball is a fun game to play, even in the iPhone. In particular, you can even win tickets to this application the best of the iPhone, and cash them in the fight against the award, just as you would in a real gallery.

Tap Jungle – Free
More than 3,000 people in the AppStore Tap Jungle recommend as a must, excellent game for the iPhone qualification, and with a price of zero, there is little to lose by adding this game to your collection. The main objective of the top iPhone game Tap The forest is to plant and harvest a variety of exotic plants and trees. In doing so, you can collect coins and other prizes for his work. From there, you can use coins to buy animals, which eventually will become a jungle. Although a simple concept, Touch jungle is fun to play and offers a high level of creativity for a game.

Fruit Ninja – $ 0.99
More than 1400 people have qualified on AppStore Fruit Ninja as a top iPhone game. With fruit Ninja uses the iPhone’s touch screen to slide and fruit bar. However, there are bombs and other obstacles do not want to cut, thrown into the mix. Slash accurately and work on your ninja skills with cutting fruit. Although this game has one of the simplest concepts out there, have received numerous positive reviews.

Flight Control – $ 0.99
Over 35,000 users recommend appstore flight control as a top iPhone game. With scores like that, who knew the landing of an airplane could be so fun. Flight control is a set of air traffic control. By playing a role of air traffic controller, you are responsible for ensuring that all incoming flights have a clear runway for landing. However, the game is not always easy, because things such as speed and wind direction will determine how the planes land.

Bejeweled 2 – $ 2.99
Bejeweled 2 has been classified as a better game in more than 3,500 iPhone users on the AppStore. A $ 2.99, is slightly more expensive than most games, but the vast amount of levels and the challenge that this game features make the price worthwhile. Bejeweled 2 is a simple puzzle game in which you align and arrange gems to make sequences. Once completed, the gems are removed from the board and other gems will fall into place. In particular Bejeweled 2 features four different game modes: Classic, Action, Infinite, and Blitz. If you’ve never played Bejeweled, but as games like Tetris, this may be the game for you.

Pro Bullet Bounce – $ 0.99
Bala Bala ProBounce Bounce Pro has been ranked as one of the best iPhone games, with more than 80 positive comments appstore. Although this game is more recent, has become an iPhone game up quite quickly. If you can kill two birds with one stone, surely can kill multiple enemies with one bullet. At least that’s the concept behind the game for the iPhone up Bounce Pro bullet. The game is very simple to play, simply align the gun in the right direction and fire. From there, the bullet will take out as many enemies as possible, while bouncing around the blocks, barriers and more. For a less violent with the same concept, you may want to check out one of the best iPhone games – Bloons.

September 15, 2010