Beranda Chrome OS Could Come To Market In Less Than A Month

Chrome OS Could Come To Market In Less Than A Month

According to some evidence found in the Chrome project page dedicated to the OS, the new operating system has reached the stage RC (Release Candidate) and could see the light on 11 November. A lack of official confirmation, other media are for good TechCrunch speculation on the possible release date ChromeOS.

This is because as you can see from the Google project’s development, the new OS has already reached the stage RC (Release Candidate) identified as version This suggests that once Google settlement adjustments in the current working (interface, screen savers, logon etc.) Will reach the stage of “Release to Manufacturing”, as TechCrunch points.

In addition, some project engineers speak of November 11th as “an important date,” so it is thought that this could be the code freeze date, to be released a week after finally agreeing with the official announcement of Chrome OS held in November 2009. Thus, the imminent launch of Google’s operating system web-based, totally open and free, could pose a problem for Microsoft, because if you follow the steps in Android, could threaten for the reign of Windows in the notebook segment .

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