Beranda Diner Dash for Facebook

Diner Dash for Facebook

If we speak of simple games and successful, many people Facebook is directly to the head. The network has many and varied games in which millions of people gather to compete for the best, farm, restaurant or city, the possibilities are very varied. Now Facebook has just arrived, Diner Dash, a real super high demand sales for the network. The game is a success since its release in 2003, with versions for PCs, mobile phones, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, PSP, Xbox 360 and iPhone.

Many people might not know the name, but his mechanics have been widely copied in sets of similar nature. In Diner Dash will manage a restaurant, cleaning tables and serving customers as quickly as possible. A major customers will more quickly. The game starts out as something simple, just becoming very addictive and fast-paced. Over 500 million people who bought the original game can attest to that.

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