Beranda Download Game untuk iPhone: ARSoccer for iPhone

Download Game untuk iPhone: ARSoccer for iPhone

ARSoccer is a game for iPhone that makes use of so-called augmented reality (augmented reality ARSoccer hence the name). In practice makes use of the iPhone camera which should be viewed with the floor, while the screen shows a soccer ball. The aim is to dribble, it seems impossible but the game works pretty well, the rallies are realistic based on the power with which “hit” the ball bounces the ball and only rarely by itself without touching anything.

The game modes are just two: arcade and free play. In arcade mode we try to make a record without going dribbles the ball on the floor. So it’s competing against themselves (or with your friends if you pass the iphone) to exceed the record set. The free play mode is substantially similar, only that there is no counter rallies to record it. In both modes, we can choose between three types of ball, which represent three different difficulties, the speed with which the ball falls to the ground.

The idea is innovative, it would be nice to use it even sull’iPad but unfortunately this device does not have the camera. Price: € 1.59

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