Beranda Download UberTwitter for iPhone

Download UberTwitter for iPhone

After more than a year being exclusively available only for BlackBerry, an app that has received much praise from users making its foray into the App Store. ÜberTwitter It is, as its name suggests, is a client for the Twitter social network. I’ve been using it a couple of months on Blackberry and is much better than the native application Twitter.

No longer a client, I think that the App Store coexist a dozen of them. But there is a very useful feature, the landscape view. So if we turn our iPhone will look similar to the Twitter website and are similar to that in some applications for iPad: A column with the tweets to the left and a column with the information attached to each tweet to right.

The only flaw with this application on Apple is that it shows a mile away which is a modified app that comes from another platform, it has that aspect of web application of the 90 with a poor choice of font and a little iOS interface. Moreover, these small advertising banners at the bottom of the Timeline are not very nice, really.

However, as is free, if you like Twitter it is best to download it and try it! The worst that can happen is to delete it after 5 minutes …. Because if you’re a big Apple fan, you will not have a Blackberry native app (just kidding).

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