Beranda Dropbox for Blackberry is Upgraded to version

Dropbox for Blackberry is Upgraded to version

DropBox is a file storage service and free online where we can hold up to 2 GB. The BlackBerry application lets you access your stored files from anywhere for download, installation and synchronization with the server.

Improvements in this update:

  • Save non-text ascii, results in unreadable text.
  • Handled cases where we use the app when we ran out of space on the SD card and device memory
  • Open-Edit option to go in devices with encryption enabled.
  • Fixed the link time freezes for some users.
  • Open-Edit to upload files with non ASCII names.
  • Fixed dialogue “would you like to allow logging” should no longer appear the first time you open the application.
  • Fixed problem that interfazse is smaller than the device’s screen.
  • The application now must ask permission before opening for the first time.
  • The application now support multiple partnerships with third-party applications for a particular file type (for example, view pdf files.)
  • In the case of playing music / video stops when the screen fades.
  • Users get a message saying: “not enough room to write file” when trying to open a file that is open in docs to go.
  • Upload changes to files stored in folders with ASCII characters may not give rise to the creation of the name of the corrupted folder name with the contents of a file again.
  • Fixed the problem that the user interface in rotation on some screens with accelerometer.
  • Fixed issue with BES services.
  • Solve some problems when trying to climb back to says the issues.
  • Fixed technical problems associated with the user interface.
  • File Browser Laggines when it comes to non-ASCII characters in file names.

Note: Before upgrading should desistalar previous version first from your device

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