Beranda Five Best Applications for iPad

Five Best Applications for iPad

I am going to discuss 5 critical applications for the iPad, to maximize the performance of this amazing device. If you already have the latest gadget from Apple, I recommend the following productivity applications:

Things: This application has an incredible interface. Follows a methodology GTD (Getting Things Done). Things always have to update your lists of tasks and pending issues. This is because this application is synchronized with the desktop version of this system, so you always have updated your lists.

Evernote: This application creates a new concept when it comes to create and store content. With this application you the best way to manage all types of elements: the photos you do every day, your ideas work, PDFs, spades or code that you find, screen snapshots, lists of requirements … All this is stored in the tag . Then all this information is synchronized with a host of devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc. ..). The best thing is that this application is free.

Dropbox: Like Evernote is a great feature, besides it is free. Everything you generate and save a Dropbox folder on your Mac, will all the time connected and in sync with the cloud. From how you can access from the IPAD to these files.

Instapaper: This useful application allows easy reading from a simple tweet up a long blog post. Allows rapid reading and trying the text formatting. It also allows sincronizción between devices.

OmniGraffle: This application is somewhat expensive, but definitely worth investing in it. Allows you to create content structures, mind maps, diagrams and all sorts of everything that comes to your mind. OmniGraffle is a high quality tool.

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