Beranda Five Must Have Apps for the iPad

Five Must Have Apps for the iPad

The iPad is still king of the tablets at the moment, although approaching the arrival of some opponents who could threaten its hegemony. For example, Samsung Galaxy Tab. And in January is expected to debut the BlackBerry playbook.

Meanwhile, if you have the ability to slide your finger across an iPad, we suggest some applications of proven usefulness and entertainment.

1. Although the iPad browser comes with default Safari, there are other options such as Atomic Web browser that allows tabbed browsing, allows including bookmarks (favorites) and presents the history of sites visited for days. It also allows to save a page so that it can do then, when not connected. IPad is efficient and even the iPhone, fast and convenient for viewing content. It is also a free Lite version.

2. All Google services. In fact, the form is unimportant. The mobile version of Google integrates very efficient basic services. Two to highlight: the Reader, because it organizes all the blogs and RSS sites is so even easier than on the web. It is also a host of newspapers, the Press Reader.

2. Manipulate a file. GoodReader is paid but does its job efficiently, when working with text files, PDF and all sorts of documents. The best thing about is that you can connect to a website and from there through a link to download content. Another option is iFiles.

3. Calling from the iPad? No need to love it the iPad was a telephone. In fact, not needed. While Skype is only for the iPhone, works perfectly in the iPad. Just got to put on headphones and literally speak from the tablet with another party to take this into the phone or PC. A unique experience.

4. More storage. Although we have referenced in other opportunities, DROP box (free of charge up to 10 gigabytes) is a service as useful as transparent to transfer files from different computers. Fast, secure and efficient.

5. Play and play nonstop. There are no more addictive game Angry Birds, those birds that trigger angry like stones from a slingshot to kill pigs.
Others can not stop watching

Here are several that work very well for the iPad:

Star Walk: yes, it’s like a walk in space. Just have to take the IPAD and take over the head for us to present the stars and planets at the time. Delicious!.

Skyfire, a browser that is in the App Store available for download, payment and allows you to view flash sites.

Amazon: application to the bookstore, can bring the purchase of books, one click. And watch for Rethink Books (currently in limited beta version)

Posterous: The blogging service and has a free application available. The interesting thing is that you only have to send the content and they create the site for one.

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