Beranda Gmail on the iPhone: The Best Applications

Gmail on the iPhone: The Best Applications

Gmail users: what you use to check your email on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Maybe Safari, a browser, or you turn to Mail, which quickly and easily synchronizes your data? But is there a way to ensure that the use of Gmail on iOS is even simpler, faster and Intute? Yes, there is, and is easily solved by some applications downloaded from iTunes.

We quote below a guide that explains step by step how to do.
First of all, we need the Gmail app, with which, immediately check for updates. It’s mailroom, a very complete software that will allow you to manage your account to 360 degrees. Costa € 1.59, but we assure you it is worth every penny. The application allows managing multiple accounts, contacts and attachments, but not yet allowed the implementation of the Push Notifications;

How, then, to activate them? It’s simple, and there are two ways: the first is to download Google Mobile App, which allows you to activate in a few quick clicks push notifications for Gmail, and the second concerns the download Boxcar, which is absolutely the same things. The choice, therefore, depends only on you and your taste.

What, then, the most obvious improvements that can be seen by following this guide? Despite Apple’s Mail already offers enough features, we believe that, to make best use Gmail, the applications we mentioned are essential. There really opens a new world of features and options, supported dall’utilissimo also support push notifications that can inform you in real time when a new message on your box.

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