Beranda Google Reader Official Application for Android

Google Reader Official Application for Android

As a supporter and user of Google Reader addict always crying about the lack of a native RSS reader on your  Android operating system just as it had for most used Google services like Gmail, Calendar and more. But today my prayers were answered and that just appeared in Android Market application Google Reader officer, as must be perfectly synchronized with the desktop Greader.

Google Reader for Android is free obviously an application to select favorite items, shared notes or send posts via email (which is great to spend on the phone and be separated as we like to read with time and a bigger screen then .) Even supports multiple accounts and can be searched by keyword. You can also choose if you want to use the volume controls for navigation or if you want to show in content and video.

At first, the various feeds are sorted in alphabetical order but you can also order them to stay just as they are in the version of Google Reader on the desktop. Of course I can think of features I would love to have (such as push notifications of certain sites you choose) but for now let’s catch of the application:

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