Beranda Hati-Hati Virus Terbaru di Facebook

Hati-Hati Virus Terbaru di Facebook

A new virus attacks Facebook, as usual is presented as a status update or comment, this time related to Christmas. The message says that there is an internet security company is warning of an application called Christmas Tree and that it could steal your data, but do not know of any company that is conducting the activity of these and instead the commentary spreads as spam.

In it the message reads: “Warning: Do not use the Christmas Tree application on Facebook. Be careful to lock your computer. Geek Squad says it’s the worst trojan there and is spreading rapidly. Publish to your friends to know. “

The company Sophos, which focuses on computer security says it has no warning about the dangers of an application with that name. If you’ve seen some discussion of these on your wall it is best to delete and click if you gave him and then removes all traces of your profile.

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