Beranda HDR Could Reach iPhone 3GS

HDR Could Reach iPhone 3GS

The iPhone 4 is the only Apple device that has the feature of taking pictures in HDR (yet) available since the firmware 4.1 update, but this could change soon.As long as there is a new firmware / SDK (beta here), experts are engaged to look into his heart, always finding interesting things.

This time, they found two images related to the identification that appears to do HDR photos, so far so normal, but the novelty is that in addition to identifying compatible with the screen resolution Retina, no other prepared for a lower resolution, as would the iPhone 3GS (not speaking of other devices because they are not prepared at the hardware level in order to support this feature.)

As always, until no firmware 4.2 final question, just rumors, but if true, would be good news for owners of the penultimate model iPhone.

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