Beranda How to Configure your New iPad

How to Configure your New iPad

i want to access the universe of applications, we have an Apple ID account associated with our device. To do this, we can use the account that we use for our iPod Touch or iPhone, and so we already have applications that we purchased for this install without problems on the iPad. If this is our first device IOS, then you have to create that account. This can easily do once connected the iPad. We say we want to create an account, we give our data, a password to remember for future purchases and is safe, and little else. For iPad can activate properly, we must do on a computer with internet connection.

If we are able to buy applications, we enter the payment details of a credit card our use. No virtual cards help give us some payment services, which are single use. We must give a credit or debit card that is in our name, with all its data. Bear in mind that once we click the buy button to purchase music, film, rental of content, applications, etc. we asked our key to Apple ID, and when placed correctly, it will be made to purchase and download the content, making the charge on our card.

If we suggest the installation of the application iBooks, tell him so, because the application that allows electronic books standard with the iPad, does not fit with him but is a separate application, but we can install automatically at startup.
Configuring the 3G and WiFi connection

The iPad is completely free from operator, so you may have to configure it. MicroSim If you have the card inserted into the same when activated, iTunes will detect the operator and automatically load data access in the first synchronization to do. Otherwise, you must access the following option: Settings -> General -> Network and then cellular data network. Here we have three options to fill in: Access point name, user name and password. According to the data carrier are:

Vodafone:, vodafone, vodafone
Orange: internet, orange, orange
Simyo:, without user or password
Pepephone: gprs.pepephone, without user or password
Másmovil: InternetMore, without user or password

For WiFi, like any other iOS, if I did not know:. Settings, WiFi. Activated, it will detect your network and give the key. Once introduced, will remember the key and connect to the network the next time you detect it.

Configuring email on iPad
If you have a Gmail or Hotmail, the best we can do is set our mind on cloud computing. This is not nothing but a real-time connection to the server, so that our calendar and contacts on the device is the same as we have in Gmail or Hotmail. Moreover, if we receive an email, the device immediately and we will notify you. What is called push mail.

With gMail go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Add Account … We chose a Microsoft Exchange account and write email from gmail (including empty domain, user ID gmail full (including the @ again and password. Click Next when asked for a server name, enter Click Next and activate email, calendar and contacts. Nothing easier. In the case of Hotmail is the same, only putting in the server name

Synchronize content
With the IPAD connected, to the left of iTunes will see all that is in our library. One option is the very iPad under Devices. If you click it, you will have access to a series of tabs to the right with all the content. Here you can choose which content to sync music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, photos … just select sync all media content that is or choose the selection of content to be synchronized.

In the case of photographs, for Mac you can select the albums, events, or select to sync. In the case of Windows, folders with images compatible to synchronize.
Other minor adjustments

General restrictions we have to turn to avoid unwanted purchases, especially if the device give a child to play. Once activated, will request a key and entered the same can disable stop shopping. We can also establish a set of criteria for the content or do that you can not install or remove applications, etc. It should take a look at these options as we discussed recently with a case of the Smurfs game.

As web browsing is done with Safari. Using the claw gesture inside out will zoom (enlarge), from the outside in we will move away and if you double-click a zone, enlarged it. At the top we have a number where we can go to the navigation screens, very handy.
Synchronize books

In this case, the synchrony of books about epub or pdf files is as simple as copying MP3 files. It is based on the drag and drop or drag and drop. Only we take the extension files epub or pdf extension, the drag to the iTunes library, above left, and see that brand. Release and copy. Then in the tab that appears when you book Devices, we can choose whether you want to sync all or select.

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