Beranda How to Download Music/Song From, Pandora, IMEEM, iJigg or Myspace with Free Music Zilla

How to Download Music/Song From, Pandora, IMEEM, iJigg or Myspace with Free Music Zilla

Every day come new social networks aimed at music lovers, as also shown applications and ways to download music for free. Among the enormous number of options for obtaining music from Youtube videos, we teach you yTunes, a proposal that focuses on the aesthetics of iTunes to display the items sought. We may use your search or browse among the most popular, with an option, of course, to see the videos sound source. To listen to the songs no registration required, although recommended if you want to save the list for future occasions.

What you see in the picture is the appearance of Mielophone, an application that can be installed on your computer using Adobe Air, able to find music on the web and offer streaming as well as giving the possibility to download the material. Compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux, requires no registration and allows you to find entire albums, and videos, or individual tracks, posing as an application “Like Napster.”

Free Music Zilla is an application that allows you to download music from, Pandora, IMEEM, iJigg, Myspace, MOG, Radioblogclub and eSnips. You just open Free Music Zilla, go to the site, find and play the desired song and the program will automatically detect. The rest of the work is done the “Download”. Musicue is an attractive web site where we can listen to music without relying on Flash technology, making it compatible with devices like the iPhone or iPad.

We can search by title or artist and select the theme you want to hear, with the possibility to navigate between different styles and see the most popular in the side menu, to keep our music in our library, ordering lists by title, artist or album. An alternative to Spotify, very similar to Grooveshark. The queen of all these applications (although the song download is not free) is certainly Spotify, which need not speak. So the only thing left is to remind our own lists on this platform.

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