Beranda How To Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to BlackBerry

How To Transfer Contacts from SIM Card to BlackBerry

For all those just starting in the world of BlackBerry, we’re leaving a series of basic usage tips, and was previously the BlackBerry Messenger basic tutorial, it’s time to leave a “tutorial” to transfer our contacts SIM card to phone.

Many of us (including myself because I spent the first time I had a BlackBerry in my hands), we find a different platform to which we are accustomed, and yet is easy enough, perhaps many need these tips first use comfortably.

To transfer your contacts need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to Contacts
  • Once in “contacts” press the BlackBerry button (which serves as a menu) and select “SIM Phone Book” (or “SIM contacts book” or similar) and that we will see the entire list of contacts you have stored in SIM.
  • Select the contact you want to import and then select “add to contacts” (or add to contacts). If you want to copy all contacts instead of one in particular, we select “All to coppy Contacts” (or copy all contacts).
  • If a transfer can only check that was passed without problem, if we transferred all should check that the process has completed successfully.

If we use our multi-SIM phones, and as our numbers back up all the people we meet, also at some point need to save the contacts that we have only our BlackBerry to our SIM and be able to continue taking it to where need. To transfer contacts from SIM to BlackBerry steps are also simple (although you can only transfer one at a time):

Go to Contacts

  • Select the contact you want to import to the SIM, press menu and select “Copy to SIM Phone Book” (or copy SIM contacts to Address Book or similar)
  • Edit name, phone number and email (if have)
  • Press again Menu to save this change
  • This will be added one by one all the contacts we have, is an individual process and can not copy all together.
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