Beranda iPhone Game: Zombie Highway and Rotten City for iPhone

iPhone Game: Zombie Highway and Rotten City for iPhone

Zombie Highway: In Zombie Highway we get behind the wheel of a car moving along a highway bypassing Zombies, they will throw us over the car and we have to destroy them while avoiding obstacles (we will use to embed the Zombies) . We can choose between a good arsenal of weapons to be unlocked as you beat them records. The game features three modes with little differences, classical, and hardcore unarmed. It’s pretty fun and having to unlock the weapons do not want to stop playing. Control is very simple, turn by tilting the iphone or ipod and shoot by pressing on the screen to the right or left, up or down as the Zombie you want to delete. Price: 0.79 €.

Rotten City: This game is an arcade 2D with touches of role. Our mission will be to escape the city and for this we have to get to the airport. This simple mission of what we are pretty complicated because the streets are full of different types of Zombies. We will have an arsenal to destroy our enemies, pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, chainsaws and many more weapons, we also have other items that will not help the game along, vests antiZombis, healing potions, antidotes, a map. and so on. Accessing these objects from our inventory and the trunk of our shelter. Along the way we find ourselves with shops where improvements to our characters. His control is very simple, move the character to keep our finger on the screen in the direction we want to advance and shoot by pressing a vez.Precio: 0.79 €.

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