Beranda Livescribe App for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Livescribe App for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Livescribe, this application is free and allows access on the move to digital copy of notes taken with smart pens and Echo Pulse Smartpen from Livescribe Smartpen, as well as audio recordings captured and transformed into a pencast.

The great advantage of these applications is the ability to access our notes and recordings on the move, anywhere, without having to carry a laptop. Just taking our Smartpen to annotate and our IPAD / iPhone to check the past records, we have a fantastic solution for mobility.

In the case of the application to iPad, given the size of the screen, you can also use this device to show other people our notes, real-size, high sound quality. In both applications have the functionality necessary to press at any point annotations and instantly retrieve the sound of that moment.

In addition, anyone can download this application, even one without a Pulse Smartpen, to access the collection of more than 500,000 pencasts already published on the Livescribe Community. The idea behind the development of these applications by Livescribe has been “Accelerating access to information, especially in mobility.”

This is one of the first developments of this fall and one of the key bets to make your pen Livescribe smart Smartpen Pulse Smartpen and Echo, in a standard capture, access and exchange of information. This app has been developed for both iPhone and iPad

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