Beranda Luxylight, The Best Flashlight for iPhone 4

Luxylight, The Best Flashlight for iPhone 4

As iPhone user, I’m sure you have ever used the phone as a flashlight, put a light color on the screen. Until the appearance of some apps from the App Store to do so quickly, indeed. But in the case of the iPhone 4 and its new features have led to the development team to create LuxyLight Sylion, an application that takes very seriously the use the phone as a light source and an example of how such a simple use as This can take care programs.

Luxylight not only focuses on providing light when needed. Besides offering a way in which the light flashes like a strobe and another way in which the light used morse code to send a distress signal in case of emergency. Ideal for people who do sports or people in rescue situations, for example. And if we have to use the phone without worrying about touching any UI element, we can lock to be disabled, as we see in the image above.

As Luxylight use the flash LED is only compatible with the iPhone 4 and the latest generation iPod touch. The application is completely free in the App Store, but soon will pay a pro version without the ads iad included in the current version.

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