Beranda Mobiscope Watch your Webcams on the BlackBerry

Mobiscope Watch your Webcams on the BlackBerry

Watch your webcams on your mobile! For home surveillance or just for fun! Enjoy real video camera and audio streams on your mobile, get motion detection alerts by e-mail, any web / IP camera support. Complete video surveillance at a reasonable price.

Features of Mobiscope Watch :

  • Direct connection to the network camera is available. Mobiscope Desktop is not necessary to connect to your network camera.
  • Ability to define areas of motion detection.
  • Motion detector alerts. Get notified by e-mail with pictures when it detects any movement
  • Fast and easy discovery of movement detected 24 / 7 with the calendar on the inside!
  • Custom schedule start / end. Use different schedules to start or end the recordings according to your preferences.
  • Easily control your webcam from your use of mobile shortcuts. start / stop recording, zoom, play back recordings.
  • Transfer of data encryption. Your recordings are safely encrypted when transferred to the Internet.
  • User interface in English, German, French, and Russian.
  • Mobiscope Web service, simply open a web browser and log into your account on Mobiscope Web (requires additional license code).
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