New iPhone App: Midnight Camera HD for iPhone and iPod Touch 4G

by Nesaci
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And tomorrow is shaved gratis? It’s a bit what promises this new application, exclusively for iPhone and iPod Touch 4 4th generation: taking pictures in low light and make sure they are resplendent, as taken in daylight … A priori, the application takes several shots to optimize the final result, which suggests that the weight of the image is directly related to its quality. Remains that such “miracle” would require to be truly effective, a longer exposure time (because it is not by merging three dark images that obtains a properly exposed), and that the App looks a bit like a catcher iphoneographer … Especially that links to the site developer and online help are dead links.

You can download MidNight Camera HD at hxxp:// with price 1.59 €.


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