Beranda New Update WordPress v2.6 for iPad and iPhone

New Update WordPress v2.6 for iPad and iPhone

If you are WordPress users and fans like us and are holding an iPhone or iPad undoubtedly have to take the implementation of WordPress for IOS has been updated to version 2.6.

WordPress Application for iPhone and iPad now brings several interesting new addition to the usual bug fixes and improvements in overall performance of the app you can now get the App Store. Here are the new features that some really worth the trouble:

  • Video: now you can record, upload, attach and play videos within the application. Great to record something and post it instantly.
  • Drafts: total rewrite of the way in which local drafts are handled to prevent accidental loss of posts pending.
  • Autosave / review posts: very good that you have added to the version of IOS.
  • Library Media: new media library is not complete gallery you find in the web version but that is closer to more.
  • Configuration: Configuration is now faster and simpler when you add sites to the application
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