Beranda New Version of Evernote for Android

New Version of Evernote for Android

Some time ago we talked about Evernote for Android, but the news is the renovation at the interface almost similar to as seen for the iPhone, or even better. There are several improvements that are worth highlighting for aterior version, and not all are purely aesthetic.

There is a new screen, more intuitive and much faster access to even displays the synchronization status of the notes. It also greatly improves the search interface, and can be accessed from anywhere or at any time, and recording a search history or searches according to our location.

The new interface includes new views and options, such as being able to see all notes in the current search we are doing and “surf” between them with one swipe, plus it can be grouped by location, date or sections. You can also create folders to have faster access with options to edit, delete, add information see map, put tags and various other options. Even you can add attachments to notes as PDF files or audio.

We can create multiple shortcuts, mobile home, plus it is integrated with Google Search and comes with a widget that gives access improved even simpler than before. If all this seems enough, it also allows offline access so if you have premium accounts. We can also record audio mientars write, save the application on the microSD card and share content from other applications.

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