Beranda Skype for Android now available

Skype for Android now available

There was already an official version of Skype for Android, but was not available to everyone. Mauro and told us some months ago that Skype plans to launch the application via the Android Market so that everyone could download, but did not have a specific date. Luckily, we had to wait long and the official application for Android and Skype can be downloaded.

The application is available for smartphone using Android 2.1 or higher is recommended to have at least a 600Mhz processor speed. Skype for Android is available from the Android Market or accessing m.

The application allows you to make VoIP calls over 3G networks and Wi-Fi and use the instant messaging system or chat. Moreover, if we use Skype on your computer can also synchronize contacts between the mobile application and the desktop.

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