Beranda Sony Reader Expands and Comes To Android

Sony Reader Expands and Comes To Android

In the last few hours we learned that Sony will launch in the month of December, ie right now, an application for Android which users of terminals that run with the mobile operating system can read electronic books or ebooks catalog. This is the Sony Reader, which will also come to the iPhone.

In this way, Sony will try to compete with the Kindle, Amazon and the iBooks, Apple developed software for reading electronic books through the iPad or iPhone. Many will wonder why these companies are launching applications for smartphones if they market their own ereaders? The answer may lie in the large number of users increasingly use their mobile phones for everything possible.

In addition, sales of electronic books is growing and may be that Sony, like Amazon has already done so, consider essential to be present in the world of smartphones to increase the number of potential customers.

“Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders and applications of a number of other eReaders just got another source of competition,” said Sony from its official website. At the risk of conservative and outdated, there are things I’d rather keep on doing the traditional way. Read real books and not one of them electronic.

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