Five Best Applications for iPad

I am going to discuss 5 critical applications for the iPad, to maximize the performance of this amazing device. If you already have the latest gadget from Apple, I recommend the following productivity applications:

Things: This application has an incredible interface. Follows a methodology GTD (Getting Things Done). Things always have to update your lists of tasks and pending issues. This is because this application is synchronized with the desktop version of this system, so you always have updated your lists.

Evernote: This application creates a new concept when it comes to create and store content. With this application you the best way to manage all types of elements: the photos you do every day, your ideas work, PDFs, spades or code that you find, screen snapshots, lists of requirements … All this is stored in the tag . Then all this information is synchronized with a host of devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, etc. ..). The best thing is that this application is free.

Dropbox: Like Evernote is a great feature, besides it is free. Everything you generate and save a Dropbox folder on your Mac, will all the time connected and in sync with the cloud. From how you can access from the IPAD to these files.

Instapaper: This useful application allows easy reading from a simple tweet up a long blog post. Allows rapid reading and trying the text formatting. It also allows sincronizción between devices.

OmniGraffle: This application is somewhat expensive, but definitely worth investing in it. Allows you to create content structures, mind maps, diagrams and all sorts of everything that comes to your mind. OmniGraffle is a high quality tool.


Download Ben 10 MouthOff v.1.0.3 for iPhone and iPad (The Microphone Picks Up Your Voice And Mouth Sync On The Screen!)

Have you ever wondered what you look like the mouth of a Ben 10 Alien? Really?! Because now you can! Omnitrix use interface to select one of 10 official Ben 10 characters, keep your iPhone in front of your mouth and speak (or noise). The microphone picks up your voice and mouth sync on the screen! Features all the favorites including Ripjaws, Diamondhead, four arms, and even the Stinkfly Ben!

NOTE: Ben 10 MouthOff is designed for the iPhone. It also works with the 2nd generation iPod Touch, but you must have a headset with microphone. Ben 10 MouthOff will not work with the first generation iPod Touch. Category: Entertainment
Current Version: 1.0.3
Size: 8.1 MB
Languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and IPAD. IOS requires 3.0 or later.

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Apakah Cydia itu dan Bagaimana Cara Install Cydia di iPhone 3GS atau iPad

Kalau kamu baru memakai iPhone atau iPad tentu bakal kenal dengan namanya Cydia? Apakah Cydia itu? Apa Manfaat Cydia? Bagaimana Cara Install Cydia? dan bagaimana Cara Install Aplikasi di Cydia?

Cydia secara sederhana hampir sama (bahkan mungkin sama) dengan Apple App Store yang ada di iPhone atau iPad, bedanya Cydia hanya ditemukan untuk iPhone yang sudah di Jailbreak. Dengan Cydia di iPhone, kamu bisa mendownload berbagai aplikasi menarik (dan bahkan gratis) yang tidak ada di App Store atau Aplikasi yang di App Store harus bayar, di Cydia terkadang kamu bisa mendapatkannya secara gratis alias free. Tak hanya aplikasi iPhone, di Cydia pun kita bisa mendapatkan berbagai macam theme, ringtone sampai game-game menarik untuk iPhone, iPad atau iPod Touch.

Cydia biasanya terinstal saat kamu melakukan proses Jailbreak, saat melakukan proses Jailbreak jangan lupa beri tanda cheklis pada pilihan Cydia, sehingga Cydia nantinya langsung diinstal secara otomatis.

Apa manfaat Cydia? Cydia tentu saja sangat bermanfaat terutama jika kamu ingin mendapatkan sebuah aplikasi secara gratis dan powerfull, yang mampu membuat iPhone kamu lebih powerful dan mempunyai kemampuan lebih jika dibandingkan dengan iPhone “biasa-biasa” yang tidak terinstal dan belum dijailbreak.

Lalu bagaiman cara Install Cydia di iPhone? Untuk menginstal Aplikasi di Cydia caranya cukup mudah :

  • Buka Aplikasi Cydia
  • Setelah itu kamu bakal melihat ada tab “Home”, “Sections”, “Manage”, “Changes” and “Search”.
  • Untuk memulai mencari aplikasi iPhone yang kamu inginkan masuk ke menu Sections atau bisa juga kamu akses Search untuk mencari secara langsung, jika kamu telah mengetahui nama aplikasi yang kamu inginkan.