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The Best AntiVirus For Android

Trend Micro has released an update to your Mobile with the aim of protecting users’ browsing Android. Mobile Security for Digital files Android protects and secures banking on Android devices identifying and stopping both cybercriminals and online threats before they get to attack. Requiring little space and specially designed for Android, TrendMicro Mobile Security provides users the security and freedom they need for their mobility.

  • Among the main features of Mobile Security for Android include:
  • Safe Surf
  • Parental Controls
  • Download Protection
  • filtering calls and text

Mobile Security for Android technology also incorporates a filtering calls and texts through which users can create their own filters to block calls or unwanted text messages.

It also has shock protection that prevents downloading and installing Android false or malicious applications, while the parental control option to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.


New Update NetQin v.4 Antivirus for Nokia 5800

NetQin Anti-virus best antivirus and antimalware free for Nokia smartphones now receives an upgrade to version 4.0 with new features, improved user interface make it a very intuitive application. Tested on Nokia 5800.

NetQin Anti-virus stands out among others for their tools of exploration and removal of viruses very fast, real-time protection including firewall, update its virus database, security overview for optimal performance of our Nokia, manager application and starting throttle. It also includes a device information system, Safe mode and updated information about new threats.

Just install it and presto, not required to sign an application that is completely free! The antivirus is available only in English because it is a newly released version but in my experience compared with other antivirus is very light and very easy to use as all NetQin applications.


Four Facebook Applications for iPad

We analyzed 4 of the applications available on the App Store to access facebook from your iPad.

As the creators of Facebook have decided, for now, do not create a native application to access your network in the App Store have appeared for many applications that try to cover that iPad gap left by the official application. Among them stand 4 on all others, so let’s move on to submit:

Friendly announced recently that has been downloaded from App Store over 1.5 million users. The truth is that this is a great application you can access your facebook profile, you can browse through the profiles of your friends, comment on your walls, add links, and browse the photos that you have hung smoothly . It also has access to the facebook chat for those who will use it regularly. Friendly Application iPad is already available in the App Store for free.

Friendly for Facebook – Oecoway Inc.
Facepe made its appearance recently on the App Store, with much noise. This is another application to access facebook, but in which the display method is very different from the rest. It makes use of the three panels as in the official implementation of Twitter. The first panel is the menu shortcuts to the wall, your profile, photos, etc, etc, when pulsáis in one of those accesses are opened the second panel with the content you have clicked the link, and once there, if pulsáis for example in a video, open in the third panel. If you are accustomed to using in your iPad Twitter, I love this application, but surely you hate.

FacePad – Facebook for iPad – Loytr
Buddies is the answer for all that you use facebook mostly to share pictures and to see friends. Is fully oriented towards the usefulness of the network. Allows you to upload photos, comment, tag people in them, and the interface shows a mosaic of pictures that completely fills the screen. It also has a great chat service that connects to the facebook chat, and also serves as an independent chat between all that you have installed in your iPad Buddies, iPhone or iPod.

Buddies – Facebook Browser with Chat – Nick Kuh
Facebook for iPhone is the last of the alternatives that we recommend. We can not forget that the facebook application developed for your brothers iPad is a great application because it is the closest thing to browse the network from its website, with almost all features a visual design equal to the web, and use very similar, and therefore a very fast learning. Also, the application is fast and fluid. The only bad thing is that if you do not have RetinaPad, you will see everything a tad pixelated.

Facebook – Facebook
So you know, if you want access to your facebook profile from an application and not from the browser your iPad, these are the 4 possibilities on offer.

What you think best of all? Will you still using your browser to access facebook?


Free Download TwimGo for Nokia N8

TwimGo, one of the best Twitter clients that we find, now available for our Nokia N8, Nokia C7, C6-01, E7, and for our Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230, Nokia X6, C6 and N97. TwimGo is also able to disclose our location, and also shows Twitpic yFrog previews within the application. TwimGo is based on Qt.

One of the peculiarities of this application is that it can show the tweet in two columns in landscape or horizontal mode, it also shows the tweet in a single column in portrait mode or vertical.

TwimGo is available free on the Nokia Ovi Store.


The Top 10 Free Applications for iPad in 2010

We balance on the best free apps for iPad that have appeared in 2010 in the App Store. Today we as TV these days, and we bring you a summary of the best of the year. A top 10 of the best applications that, in our view, have appeared throughout 2010 for our beloved tablet.

Stanza is a eBook reader has come to stay. Simple to use yet very configurable, allowing the reading of books in various formats like ePub, DjVu, CBR, CBZ, eReader and PDF. You can change the brightness by simply moving your finger across the screen, the font if you do not like the default one, use a night mode, and a long list of options for your reading comfortable. IPad Stanza application is available on the App Store for free.

Nasa HD App is the iPad application for the American space agency has developed. From here you will have access to millions of images of the database NASA videos, you can watch NASA TV, information from current NASA missions, countdown and monitoring of space launch, tracking the International Space Station in satellites in orbit, … In short if you like the stars this application can not miss in your iPad. Nasa Application App iPad HD is available in the App Store for free.

Film and TV represent the ultimate application for cinema lovers. With this application you will have in your hands iPad access to the largest film and television portal on the Internet. It has a very extensive database of over 1.5 million movies and TV series, more than 3 million entries of actresses, actors, directors, producers … In addition you will be abreast of all developments, with access to trailers, to the card and rumors about future films, all from your iPad. IMDb implementation Film and TV iPad is available in the App Store for free.

Pageonce Pro is as we mentioned yesterday one of the best solutions for managing your personal bonds. you can keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage. Also you can schedule alerts to warn you of when to pay electricity bills, gas … And new Pageonce for a limited time is available for free in the App Store in the PRO version, instead of the approximately 12 eur to cost so far. The Pageonce application for iPad Pro is available in the App Store for free.

IMAGE Magazine is the first magazine created exclusively for Spanish iPad. We have included in the top 10 because it seems that besides the quality of the edition, we must go for home projects. With dynamic content, embedded videos, sound, what we’d expect from a magazine developed for iPad. And as a surprise if your tablet giráis magazine changes its layout and even their pictures, which means that you have two magazines in one, the vertical and horizontal. Great detail. The application iMag iPad Magazine is available in the App Store for free. And the first number is also free.

Twitter has taken during 2010 its official application for iPad. It is divided into three panels from the tweets have ye to the people who follow, can retweet, reply to tweets. Also in the last panel by clicking on a tweet that has a url that opens web address, so you can enjoy all the features of Twitter without having to leave the application. IPad Twitter application is available on the App Store for free.

Accuweather is in our opinion one of the best uses of time for iPad. Here you can check the weather will do over the next few days virtually any location in the world. It has very good accuracy, and also uses very well the big screen to show iPad all information. It also has information hour-a-time while going to the next 24 hours. IPad Acuweather application is available on the App Store for free.

Flipboard is a new application for browsing your social networks in a revolutionary way. Accederéis to your account from Facebook, Google Reader, Twitter and Flickr, organizaréis more information as you like, creating a dynamic magazine with news from your friends, images, post to your Google Reader, all formated for your tastes. IPad Flipboard application is available on the App Store for free.

Dropbox is in our opinion one of the essential for your IPAD. This is an application that you create a virtual floppy drive in the cloud, with 2Gb so you can exchange data between different devices, iPad, iPhone, your computer (either Mac or PC), the computer at work, with which can keep important data synchronized, or to exchange large files without having to resort to other options. One advantage of Dropbox is that being a service as known and used, many applications are already an option to integrate your Dropbox account with it. For example Stanza allows you to upload / download your books Dropbox account. IPAD application Dropbox is available on the App Store for free.

Evernote is a wad of notes for iPad. Every time that you have to remember something, that you emerge an idea, or simpletente take note of something, there is Evernote. You can create notes with images, with sound. Notes are automatically geotag, and also if you take notes by hand instead of with the keyboard iPad, the handwriting is identified and you can also search on handwritten notes. Every time you to take a note, this will be synchronized automatically on your PC or Mac where you have installed Evernote Desktop. A wonder, that as you begin to use it will become one of your essential. IPAD application Evernote is available in the App Store for free.

And here Top 10 applications for iPad 2010. The year that just started is the consolidation of the App Store for iPad, and sure will wonders that will make next year the ranking changed completely.

This is our particular ranking, but I’m sure every one of you have your 10 favorite applications, with pearls do not know what applications this year have become indispensable to you?


The Best iPad Applications of the Year

In a previous post we reported about applications for the iPhone and iPad, both free and paid, most downloaded of the year. However, integrating this prestigious list does not necessarily mean that they are the best ones. Moreover, there are many apps that are worth being known, and why not tested directly for you.

Today we want to mention some of the best applications for the iPad developed during 2010. To begin, we will discuss Flipboard, an ideal application for those who like to always be informed. Application selects the most important links and social media together into a magazine, so you can access all the information in one place. All text and images displayed on it are taken from the sources.

Palette Remote is an application to paint, though not the crowd. To use this software is necessary to have an iPhone and iPad. Once you have connected both mobile devices via Bluetooth, the iPhone can select different options such as strokes and the colors you use. Then, simply use your fingers to paint on the canvas, ie, the iPad.

Instapaper for the iPad is equal to the version for the iPhone. However, the features of Apple tablet makes it work better. You can save pages with Instapaper web and read whenever you want. The pages are arranged in the form of eBook in the same order in which you saved. In this way, your iPad will become an e-reader.


Transfer Files from Laptop to Handphone with Dukto for Nokia

This time we present an application for Symbian ^ 3 simple but very useful. Have you ever wanted to transfer files from your computer to your phone, but had no desire or time to connect? Then Dukto is an application that will interest you.

Basically, the application lets you transfer files using a Wi Fi connection between our phone and a computer, which can be either Windows, Mac or Linux. With Dukto can send and receive files, folders or any file from another device on the network. Simply run the application and select what you want to transfer, without requiring any installation on your PC.

Either way, though not “need “to install software on your computer, it is best that we install the software Side show them down. File transfer is very fast, far surpassing the Bluetooth transfer to which, unfortunately Hermos we used to.

Dukto is free, and all you need is to download the file from Ovi Store, along with the program for our desktop (if you want) and we’re ready to go. If you are transferring many files to their phones, definitely recommend it.

Windows Phone 7

WordPress Application for Windows Phone 7

It had been rumored for more than a week on an official application for Windows WordPress Phone 7, and finally announced. This completely free open source application, allows bloggers to do all common tasks such as we moderate comments, post or page write clearly, and check overall statistics. The good news is that it works on a blog hosted by us or on

The idea is to offer WordPress by applying a series of tools that allow us to carry out the daily tasks of the bloggers, at any time and place, a very simple way, from a “view” from which we can control everything almost as if we were using WordPress from our computer. You just need to have an Internet connection and a phone with Android, and now joins those who already have available from BlackBerry and iPhone.


Music PlayerPro, The Best Music Player for Android?

It is true that there are many music players for Android, but many who have tried I have really enjoyed, however, Music PlayerPro is a good player música. This player has no equalizer function. For demanding a full-fledged poor but the sound is not unpleasant and is a player that can easily replace the default Android.

Interestingly enough you can change the “skins” that is, change the configuration of the tabs, by Album, Artists, Genres and Folders. This above is a good option because this way we can configure our computer like the way your music library.


Google Reader Official Application for Android

As a supporter and user of Google Reader addict always crying about the lack of a native RSS reader on your  Android operating system just as it had for most used Google services like Gmail, Calendar and more. But today my prayers were answered and that just appeared in Android Market application Google Reader officer, as must be perfectly synchronized with the desktop Greader.

Google Reader for Android is free obviously an application to select favorite items, shared notes or send posts via email (which is great to spend on the phone and be separated as we like to read with time and a bigger screen then .) Even supports multiple accounts and can be searched by keyword. You can also choose if you want to use the volume controls for navigation or if you want to show in content and video.

At first, the various feeds are sorted in alphabetical order but you can also order them to stay just as they are in the version of Google Reader on the desktop. Of course I can think of features I would love to have (such as push notifications of certain sites you choose) but for now let’s catch of the application: