Kumpulan Tips dan Trick untuk Nokia Lumia 710 dan Lumia 610

Ponsel Nokia Lumia 800 merupakan salah satu ponsel high end dari Nokia yang hadir dengan OS Windows Phone 7, sedangkan Nokia Lumia 710 termasuk ponsel Mid Range, dan Nokia Lumia 610 merupakan ponsel Low End bersistem operasi Windows Phone 7 dari Nokia.

Nah di bawah ini adalah tips dan trick terbaik untuk ponsel Nokia Lumia, baik itu Lumia 800 ataupun Lumia 710 dan 610, karena semuanya bersistem operasi sama yakni Windows Phone 7 dari Microsoft.

Kode rahasia Nokia Lumia, cukup tekan ##634# untuk mengakses menu mengetes kinerja dari ponsel Nokia Lumia Anda. Di Menu ini Anda bisa melakukan tes terhadap kondisi Nokia Lumia.

Modus silence dengan cepat dan mudah di Nokia Lumia. Saat ada telepon dan Nokia Lumia Anda berderang dengan keras padahal Anda lagi di kelas atau lagi rapat, cukup tekan tombol volume beberapa saat, maka ponsel Nokia Lumia Andapun akan otomatis silence tanpa harus ngereject telepon.


MP4 dan Youtube FLV Player di Android Samsung Galaxy Y

Ingin memutar file 3GP, MP4, FLV Youtube ataupun MKV Movie di Samsung Galaxy Y? Jangan khawatir di Android banyak sekali aplikasi untuk memutar file-file tersebut. Jika Anda bingung memilih mana aplikasi tersebut, berikut ini beberapa alternatif 3GP, FLV dan MP4 Player untuk Samsung Galaxy Y.

RockPlayer for Android – Salah satu MP4 Player terbaik untuk Android, dengan player ini Anda bisa memutar file-file mulai dari 3GP, MP4, sampai MKV Movie ataupun FLV. Selain itu Anda bisa menambahkan SubTitle (.SRT) di player ini, bahkan Anda bisa mengatur besar kecilnya teks sampai warna dari subtitle tersebut.

QQPlayer – Alternatif MP4 Player lainnya adalah QQPlayer. Mempunyai tampilan yang cukup bagus, dimana file filem atau movie disusun lengkap dengan thumbnailnya, sehingga memudahkan kita untuk memilih file mana yang akan diputar.

Alternatif Player lainnya seperti MX Video Player for Android, Astro Player, MixZing Media Player sampai MoboPlayer.


Melihat dan Membaca File PDF di Blackberry Playbook dengan Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader merupakan sebuah Aplikasi Gratis dari Adobe System yang bisa Anda donwload untuk Blackberry Playbook. Saat membawa sebuah dokumen PDF di Blackberry Playbook dengan Adobe Reader, Anda bisa beralih dari satu halaman ke halaman lain dengan cara swipe.

Berikut ini, beberapa fitur dari Aplikasi Adobe Reader untuk Blackberry Playbook diantaranya adalah

  • Melihat dan membaca file PDF secara gratis di Blackberry Playbook
  • Quick Navigation untuk beralih dari satu file PDF ke file PDF lainnya
  • Memungkinkan kita melihat PDF sama seperti melihat file tersebut di komputer atau laptop
  • Memudahkan kita melihat dan mencari file PDF di Blackberry Playbook

Aplikasi Gratis untuk melihat file PDF di Blackberry Playbook ini bisa didownload di Blackberry App World.


Nelpon Gratis di Handphone Android ke Seluruh Dunia dengan Viber For Android

Viber adalah salah satu aplikasi dimana kita bisa nelpon gratis ke seluruh dunia (ke sesama pengguna Viber misalnya) dengan menggunakan koneksi 3G ataupun Wifi. Ini tentunya bisa menjadi salah satu solusi untuk menghemat pulsa. Setelah sekian lama hanya tersedia untuk sistem Operasi Apple iOS terutama di iPad dan iPhone, akhirnya Viber tersedia untuk Sistem Operasi Android meski masih dalam versi Beta Release.

Viber for Android bahkan hadir dengan berbagai fitur yang tidak ada untuk versi iOS, ini menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi penggunana Viber for Android. Beberapa fitur penting dari Viber untuk Android diantaranya adalah

  • PopUp Notifikasi untuk Text Messages
  • Kemampuan untuk men-set Viber sebagai aplikasi default buat Nelpon, jadi setiap Anda akan menelepon, maka Viber lah yang akan dipakai.
  • More Comprehensive Screen

Karena masih dalam versi Beta Release, maka mungkin saja ada bug-bug yang terjadi di Viber for Android, namun itu artinya kita bisa mengharapkan penyempurnaan dan tentunya fitur-fitur tambahan lain yang akan tersedia di Viber untuk Android saat Final Release nanti.

Android Catatan Harian Facebook

Sweet & Spicy Love for Android: The Application For All Lovers!

Sweet & Spicy Love is an App made in Italy by Wemotic launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, but useful for anyone who loves at all times in which to launch their wish him / her a call or a romantic proposal a bit ‘hot, so simple and fun.

Sweet & Spicy Love can take a photo or select from a gallery and a personalized touch by choosing from a wide range of original designs the images that best express the type of message to be transmitted, with the possibility of using lipstick too nice to write a sentence.

After saving the photo so you can share customized via MMS, Email, Facebook or Twitter. The application interface is extremely user friendly.

The features are then as follows:

  • Can take a picture or select it within its own gallery;
  • Custom designs by choosing favorites among all the varieties available and provide, on a photo with a touch;
  • Write a sentence on the picture as desired using the icons / lipsticks available in different colors;
  • Once you save it in your own photo gallery;
  • Share with anyone you want via MMS, email, facebook, twitter.

The variety of images available to customize your photos and the ability to put any kind of sentence is an element that can make the application attractive for any occasion as a means of communication between couples.

Sweet & Spicy Love is available in the Android Market for 2.0 and above. You can find it by searching for “Spicy Sweet Love”


Transfer Photos and Video from iPad Using Wifi Wireless Connection with MediaTransfer App

With MediaTransfer without iTunes you can transfer photos and video from the iPad to any computer (Mac or PC) at a speed of wireless. With iPad applications like this can put aside the cumbersome process that sometimes involves us having to go through iTunes to make any file transfer, as in this case pictures and video.

In addition to this particular case is a breakthrough to make that transfer wirelessly, without cables and without having to send the pictures by other means, either email or a type of cloud DropBox software. MediaTransfer transfer videos and photos directly to your Mac or PC without the need for choosing the photos you go one on one, just pulsáis a button and start copying the images and videos to your computer.

If you have a Mac the process is fully automatic, if you have a PC you’ll have to install some FTP software (many free), because the transfer is made hereby, and not bring the default Windows FTP, Mac itself. One advantage of this application in relation to others is that there is no limit on the size of files being sent. Also will not have to be very aware of when to send data to the computer, because when there is a significant number of new pictures and videos on your iPad that are not in your computer, launch the application itself a reminder, and just accept, it shall shipping.

What do you think you can transfer without cables? IPad  application MediaTransfer is already available in the App Store for free.


BlackBerry Tips: Customize The Profiles Sound

We all know that BlackBerry had managed to position itself well in the market, and is now moving beyond its focus on executives and entrepreneurs in need of such equipment, have become one of the phones of the moment. That’s why we’re going to start letting some tips on how to optimize your use, or as in this case customize it to make it truly unique.

Those who are already BlackBerry users probably have noticed that allows them to customize their icons so that its use is really comfortable and accessible to the needs of everyone, but something that many do not change, and should, because otherwise when a sound a BlackBerry phone everyone turns-are sound profiles, within which we can customize to taste the calls, e-mail alerts and text messages so that not all sound the same.

To begin the customization we need to select the sound icon always have the main screen, and once there we will have a choice between 7 different profiles of sound volume: Normal, High, Medium, Vibration, Silent, and All calls only Alerts disabled (the menu changes according to the language you have your mobile, but always the same profiles). The good news is that each turn can be customized, as well as the option we have to add ringtones, alerts, alerts for specific contacts and others.

To set a good example of how to edit these profiles, we will go step by step to customize one of them-in this case is normal, “but might be needing. First select Edit Profiles and then select Normal, once there we will see a list of categories to be customized. The first option is to change the ringtone for incoming calls, there is a long list of sounds that come preloaded on the BlackBerry phones, but also can select any MP3 song you really like it (for this we must select the option that is to the top of the list called “music” and search through our songs mp3 to find what we want to select it).

bb101 full edit profiles BlackBerry Tips: Customize sonidoDentro profiles of the category of messages, we can also make a pretty interesting customization: assign each contact their own sound (either for SMS, MMS and the messages have Level 1 per set).

Then there is the category of IM, we can customize the alerts for all instant messaging services we use, obviously the famous BlackBerry Messenger is also included in this category and would be more than interesting that people begin to customize the sound in particular, because sometimes indoors can be a sharp sound quite peculiar.

Following the categories, we are then with Reminders, they can be both tasks, calendar or whatever we put into monitoring.

The last category is “Other”, and where you can customize social applications, (actually the third), including Twitter and Facebook among others.

Once we have completely customized the profile to boot (remember that in this particular case we were customizing the Normal profile), we return to the menu’s and we can see the sound icon change as you have selected.

An extra tip: To change the profile quickly, such as when we need to put the phone on vibrate for some reason, we can do it easily by pressing and holding the letter Q up to open a pop-up that announces that it has changed vibration . To return to Normal profile that we only need to return to the letter press and hold Q until a new pop-up warning about the change.

This simple, and taking us a little time once, we can customize each and every one of the sound profiles that we have available on our BlackBerry and ensure that never again sound like anyone else and do not confuse us when we left home.


Dropbox for Blackberry is Upgraded to version

DropBox is a file storage service and free online where we can hold up to 2 GB. The BlackBerry application lets you access your stored files from anywhere for download, installation and synchronization with the server.

Improvements in this update:

  • Save non-text ascii, results in unreadable text.
  • Handled cases where we use the app when we ran out of space on the SD card and device memory
  • Open-Edit option to go in devices with encryption enabled.
  • Fixed the link time freezes for some users.
  • Open-Edit to upload files with non ASCII names.
  • Fixed dialogue “would you like to allow logging” should no longer appear the first time you open the application.
  • Fixed problem that interfazse is smaller than the device’s screen.
  • The application now must ask permission before opening for the first time.
  • The application now support multiple partnerships with third-party applications for a particular file type (for example, view pdf files.)
  • In the case of playing music / video stops when the screen fades.
  • Users get a message saying: “not enough room to write file” when trying to open a file that is open in docs to go.
  • Upload changes to files stored in folders with ASCII characters may not give rise to the creation of the name of the corrupted folder name with the contents of a file again.
  • Fixed the problem that the user interface in rotation on some screens with accelerometer.
  • Fixed issue with BES services.
  • Solve some problems when trying to climb back to says the issues.
  • Fixed technical problems associated with the user interface.
  • File Browser Laggines when it comes to non-ASCII characters in file names.

Note: Before upgrading should desistalar previous version first from your device


Easy Way to Edit Photo on iPad with ColorSplash

ColorSplash allows you to quickly and easily, giving the photos a dramatic picture, black and white conversion while keeping the details you want in color. We tailor our application with as many sales awards and to IPAD. Her beautiful large screen and fast processor makes use ColorSplash is an absolute joy!

The user interface is intuitive multi-touch and precise, making ColorSplash is incredibly easy and fun to use. Use your finger as a brush to “paint” sections of your image in black and white, or restore the original color. Using a gesture with two fingers click allows you to increase and reduce the image for detail work with accuracy of one pixel.


  • Includes video tutorial (in English) that will allow you to edit your images in minutes.
  • Share your edited image by email or Facebook.
  • Save several sessions to resume your work later.
  • Undo any number of accidents with the strokes.
  • An alternative view mode highlighted in red the regions that will be in color. This allows more easily see and adjust the boundaries between the regions of color and black and white.
  • Choose between different brushes (hard edge or soft, opaque or transparent)

The Most Anticipated Applications for iPhone: VLC for iPhone

The useful and multifunctional desktop player VLC was introduced as the next great application for IOS.This software becomes an important tool for desktop computers is now available in App Store ready to use on the iPhone, and so join her sister’s iPad, without a jailbreak the device.

The application will only work with the iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 in addition to the iPod generation. Also according to users who have tried it, say it can play 720p video quality, although the hardware is not indicated. The reason is that other devices are not fast enough to play most videos.

This application is characterized by supporting a wide range of formats and extensions and in this case is no exception, and you can see the video attachments from Mail or Safari.The application is currently under review by Apple, so it is expected to be readily available to the public.