Daftar Aplikasi Terbaik untuk iPad

Baru membeli sebuah iPad? Dan bingung aplikasi apa saja yang layak dan terbaik untuk iPad. Tips iPad berikut adalah beberapa Aplikasi terbaik untuk iPad yang bisa Anda install dan tentunya Andapun bisa mendapatkan manfaat lebih dari iPad.

Flipboard for iPad – Jika Anda sering mengakses Facebook dan Twitter di iPad, maka aplikasi Flipboard bisa menjadi alternatif pilihan terbaik untuk membantu Anda selalu uptodate dengan Facebook dan Twitter Anda.

Tweetdeck – meski namanya sedikit identik dengan Twitter namun jangan khawatir dengan Tweetdeck, selain Anda bisa melakukan Tweet bisa juga mengupdate Status Facebook di iPad.

iBooks – iPad hadir tujuan utamanya adalah sebagai ebook reader, nah aplikasi iBooks merupakan Aplikasi eBook Reader terbaik untuk iPad yang bisa menambah kenyamanan Anda untuk membaca ebook di iPad.

IMDB for iPad – tidak mau ketinggalan dengan info film terbaru di iPad, maka Anda wajib menginstall IMBD for iPad, biar Anda selalu uptodate dengan info terkini dan terbaru seputar film. Jangan khawatir film-film yang bakal direlease ataupun film terbaru seperti Transformer The Dark Moon akan tersedia ulasan lengkapnya di IMDB.

Pandora – Aplikasi iPad yang satu ini, khusus untuk mendengarkan Radio Online di iPad. Jika Anda bosan mendengarkan koleksi MP3 di iPad, maka mendengarkan radio online dengan aplikasi Pandora bisa menjadi alternatif mengisi waktu luang.

Netflix / Hulu Plus – Dua aplikasi iPad ini, diperuntukkan untuk Streaming Video atau Film di iPad.

Dropbox – Aplikasi penyimpan file online untuk iPad. Dengan Dropbox Anda bisa menyimpan file secara online di internet dan mengakses file tersebut tidak hanya di iPad tapi juga Laptop, Android, bahkan Blackberry.

Beberapa Alternatif aplikasi iPad terbaik lainnya seperti USA Today, FitnessClass, Epicurious,, Pocket Legend, Yelp, The Onion. Semua aplikasi tersebut bisa Anda dapatkan di iTunes App Store langsung dari iPad.


The Best Facebook Applications for iPad

If you have an iPad, you have certainly noticed and regretted that the Facebook application for iPhone is not compatible with the IPAD. Not “universal”, if you install it on your iPad you can turn it in tiny size, either by doubling the pixels, which does no good.

One solution is to connect directly with Safari on the social network, but you can not necessarily access via its website to parts like the videos. Moreover, the three applications all propose to switch to the browser whenever you want. Here are three applications that I regularly log on to Facebook from my ipad: Friendly and Social Sciences, which are in direct competition, and more different, Flipboard.

Friendly for Facebook – Oecoway Inc..
It is the least expensive (0.79 €) and allows both to the principal. The latest version improves photo browsing and video, but I find that the buttons are a bit too big and suddenly take up too much space on the container.
A book so maybe the big paws, even if it is not otherwise very complete to surf social network.
Small compared to most other apps, it is Anglicized.

Social for The iPad – Object Factory
The interface is much thinner (but is a matter of taste) with Social for iPad, which it will cost € 1.59.
However the possibilities are more numerous and more accessible. It can directly create their new groups, such as pages or albums.
However the application is in English, which may make some flee.
Personally I prefer it, but it’s still pretty close.

Flipboard – Flipboard Inc..
Flipboard a lot of talk about twitter, because it is a multi-networks, ie you connect to your accounts on both Facebook and Twitter, or certain son linked to public lists (which you have created or not). The originality of the application is that it rearranges each son in e-book (it should perhaps be talking about newspaper here) by the form of articles arranged more or less well (c is sometimes surprising). You can thus browse the same gesture with an iBook the latest posts or tweets of your friends, and it’s quite nice. FlipboardLà where the application is very strong, that it will also “look” video, images or any part of the contents of sites that contain links posted in part to show them in its own interface. If a post from Facebook or Twitter does not contain a link to the article from a website, you can begin to read it directly into the layout Flipboard (ditto for photos or videos), the open a window a little larger to have the entire contents, or go on Safari. This allows the application to have a very different and have a “magazine”. Free, it’s an application has try and very pleasant, perhaps a little more for fans of Twitter.