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Play Angry Birds on Laptop

The game has been downloaded over 45 million times from the App Store is now available for PC with Intel AppUp. The plot is quite interesting: it tells of a war between birds and pigs, the pigs have stolen the eggs of birds and the birds will want revenge on the enemy launched with a slingshot.

There are several types of birds, all very angry, and we find them in the game as Avenza (105 stages, you want to play). There is what explodes, what is split, the one that snaps into the air, that drop bombs, there’s something for everyone. Obviously the smart pigs will defend itself with lard that we should just bring down to hit them. If we want to talk about the environments are very pleasing to look at all five, and at the end of each of them is a Boss, a beautiful oversized pig.

The gameplay is really something special, do not play around too much or becoming addicted, seriously. E ‘taken care of in every way, from graphics tender and plump snowmen cartoons typical of the sounds and upbeat music. In the early levels you will be given the chance to experience the physics of the game, taking his hand in choosing the angle of the sling. Some may seem simple, but to complete all 105 levels and I assure you that there will.

Well, you’re still there to read quest’inutile article with the typical face stupid? Go and buy it on site AppUp at

Prohibited for children under three years, read the leaflet carefully.

January 28, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Versus, New Video and Data on the Role Play

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Fabula Nova Cristallis saga will soon receive a number of new titles. This is the wave of all games including Final Fantasy XIII to that already came out a year and including the Final Fantasy XIII Versus. And although we just have information and pictures of the game, these days have been a bit more about it with a new video pretty long and some information as possible launch date.

But best of all, this new video shows the first scenes from the game in action. It appears Noctis, the protagonist, moving around the world and facing the enemies that come out. So finally unveils the combat system. Of course there are scenes video also, as always very careful and very realistic finish.

January 20, 2011

The Top 20 Most Downloaded Applications For iPhone

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The iPhone one of the leading smartphones in the mobile market, has behind many applications that allow users to do many interesting things to squeeze the phone to the fullest.

Then select the 20 that have been the best of 2010.

  1. Instagram
  2. Chase Mobile
  3. By Amazon Price Check
  4. Find My iPhone
  5. Google Voice
  6. Twitter
  7. Dropbox
  8. SpringPad
  9. Foursquare
  10. Skyfire Web Browser
  11. Kindle
  12. Word Lens
  13. Groupon
  14. Hashable
  15. Netflix
  16. Hulu
  17. Radio TuneIn
  18. Rhapsody
  19. TextPics
  20. Angry Birds
January 9, 2011

Real Football 2011 HD for iPad

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Real Football 2011 is another great football simulator which now joins HD formats for the iPad, a game with great graphics, great scenery and good control of the game, a realistic game now in the iPad, a game for lovers and fans football at the highest level, get to defeat the opposing teams and lift the cup champion.

Visual Approach
With a new high-definition graphics engine that gives life to IPAD. The motion capture technology has allowed us to create the most fluid player animations based on the movement of professional footballers.

Reliving the history of football
Jump into the most exciting moments of football with a story mode that allows you to alter the course of the game, the game is incredible. Can you change the outcome of the European Club Cup final?

More Equipment
With the greatness of the game, have added more than 350 teams and 14 leagues. Include real player names thanks to the FIFPro license. Find your favorite players in leagues like the English leagues, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian and Argentine national team as well as Brazil, Argentina, England, Italy, Portugal and France.

Challenge your friends in the best games via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth multiplayer

January 6, 2011