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AutoTeks BBM Terbaru Lucu dan Unik untuk Android

Chatting di Blackberry Messenger atau BBM for Android rasanya kurang begitu lengkap tanpa saling kirim Autoteks. Dengan Autoteks yang lucu, unik dan imut membuat suasana chatting terasa lebih hidup, apalagi bila autoteksnya berupa karakter yang menggambarkan sejuta makna, membuat yang menerima autoteks semakin penasaran.

Nah, di Android untuk menambahkan autoteks saat sedang chatting di WhatsApp, BBM, Line ataupun KakaoTalk, Anda bisa menggunakan berbagai macam aplikasi autoteks terbaik yang ada di Google Play Store. Salah satu aplikasi yang bisa dicoba adalah Auto Text Keren for Android, yang tersedia secara gratis di Google Play Store.

Dengan Aplikasi Auto Text Keren untuk Android, Anda bisa dengan cepat mendapatkan Autoteks yang diinginkan, tanpa harus ribet akses menu ini itu ataupun langkah-langkah lain yang susah. Karena di AutoText Keren ini, kita bisa pilih Autoteks dengan cara menyentuh sekali saja Autoteks yang kita inginkan yang secara otomatis autoteks tersebut tercopy di clipboard, alhasil Andapun kemudian cuma tinggal paste autoteks tersebut di BBM, Line ataupun aplikasi chatting lainnya.

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Cara Download Google Books

Google Books tak bisa dipungkiri menyediakan ratusan bahkan ribuan buku yang siap untuk di baca dan dijadikan referensi. Jika Anda sedang menyusun Skripsi atau Makalah, dan sedang mencari sumber buku untuk menjadi referensi skripsi Anda, maka Google Books bisa dijadikan alternatif terbaik untuk mendapatkan bahan referensi yang cukup ampuh.

Di Google Books kita bisa mendapatkan berbagai macam buku, mulai dari buku berbahasa Indonesia, Inggris, Belanda sampai berbahasa Perancis dan Itali. Pertanyaanya sekarang, bagaimana sih cara Download Buku di Google Books?

Untuk Mendownload Buku di Google Books yang Anda butuhkan hanya sebuah Program yang bernama Google Books Download yang bisa didownload di gbooksdownloader dot com. Selain itu jika Ada pengguna Firefox Anda bisa menginstall GreaseMonkey Script untuk Google Books Downloader.


Gmail on the iPhone: The Best Applications

Gmail users: what you use to check your email on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? Maybe Safari, a browser, or you turn to Mail, which quickly and easily synchronizes your data? But is there a way to ensure that the use of Gmail on iOS is even simpler, faster and Intute? Yes, there is, and is easily solved by some applications downloaded from iTunes.

We quote below a guide that explains step by step how to do.
First of all, we need the Gmail app, with which, immediately check for updates. It’s mailroom, a very complete software that will allow you to manage your account to 360 degrees. Costa € 1.59, but we assure you it is worth every penny. The application allows managing multiple accounts, contacts and attachments, but not yet allowed the implementation of the Push Notifications;

How, then, to activate them? It’s simple, and there are two ways: the first is to download Google Mobile App, which allows you to activate in a few quick clicks push notifications for Gmail, and the second concerns the download Boxcar, which is absolutely the same things. The choice, therefore, depends only on you and your taste.

What, then, the most obvious improvements that can be seen by following this guide? Despite Apple’s Mail already offers enough features, we believe that, to make best use Gmail, the applications we mentioned are essential. There really opens a new world of features and options, supported dall’utilissimo also support push notifications that can inform you in real time when a new message on your box.


Google Reader Official Application for Android

As a supporter and user of Google Reader addict always crying about the lack of a native RSS reader on your  Android operating system just as it had for most used Google services like Gmail, Calendar and more. But today my prayers were answered and that just appeared in Android Market application Google Reader officer, as must be perfectly synchronized with the desktop Greader.

Google Reader for Android is free obviously an application to select favorite items, shared notes or send posts via email (which is great to spend on the phone and be separated as we like to read with time and a bigger screen then .) Even supports multiple accounts and can be searched by keyword. You can also choose if you want to use the volume controls for navigation or if you want to show in content and video.

At first, the various feeds are sorted in alphabetical order but you can also order them to stay just as they are in the version of Google Reader on the desktop. Of course I can think of features I would love to have (such as push notifications of certain sites you choose) but for now let’s catch of the application:


The Application of Youtube for Android Updated

It seems that the Google guys kept a surprise for us tonight, so stop talking Blogs, at least for a few minutes from the Apple Keynote.

Youtube application Update that is ready for download on Android Market, which gives a complete facelift to the mobile version for this OS. New look, more in line with the overall aesthetics, enhanced search and above all, makes a winning application usability.

The truth is that previous versions of the application, it fell short of Android, and at no time came to have the quality of the version “sister” for iOS, so we are looking forward to the appearance of this update. Now, you know, all updated.

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Chrome OS Could Come To Market In Less Than A Month

According to some evidence found in the Chrome project page dedicated to the OS, the new operating system has reached the stage RC (Release Candidate) and could see the light on 11 November. A lack of official confirmation, other media are for good TechCrunch speculation on the possible release date ChromeOS.

This is because as you can see from the Google project’s development, the new OS has already reached the stage RC (Release Candidate) identified as version This suggests that once Google settlement adjustments in the current working (interface, screen savers, logon etc.) Will reach the stage of “Release to Manufacturing”, as TechCrunch points.

In addition, some project engineers speak of November 11th as “an important date,” so it is thought that this could be the code freeze date, to be released a week after finally agreeing with the official announcement of Chrome OS held in November 2009. Thus, the imminent launch of Google’s operating system web-based, totally open and free, could pose a problem for Microsoft, because if you follow the steps in Android, could threaten for the reign of Windows in the notebook segment .

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Apakah Android itu?

Kamu mungkin pernah mendengar handphone Motorola Milestone, Samsung Spica atau Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 yang merupakan ponsel berbasis Android? Lalu Apakah sebenarnya Android itu?

Sekilas mendengar kata Android mungkin kamu akan teringat pada robot luar angkasa seperti di film-film.Android merupakan “Open Mobile Platform” yang dikembangkan oleh Google, secara sederhana Android merupakan sebuah sistem operasi untuk handphone, seperti halnya Symbian atau Windows Phone. Android dikembangkan dari Sistem Operasi Linux dan semua Aplikasinya dibuat dengan menggunakan Java. Karena sifatnya yang open source, maka Android kini menjadi pilihan para vendor handphone untuk menghadirkan ponsel berbasis Android.