Tips Memilih Android Murah dan Anti Air

Kata siapa ponsel Android anti air harganya selangit dan mahal? Memiliki ponsel Android Anti Air mempunyai keuntungan tersendiri, bila kehujanan di tengah jalan, kita bisa tetap asik telpon, sms atau BBM di tengah guyuran air hujan, tanpa perlu takut ponsel kita akan rusak. Bila Anda berniat membeli sebuah ponsel Android anti air dengan kisaran harga yang lumayan murah, berikut ini beberapa pilihan ponsel Android murah yang anti air.

Sony Xperia M2 Aqua
Boleh dibilang sebagai ponsel android murah dan anti air dengan harga termurah tapi dengan kualitas bagus karena telah dilengkapi CPU Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7, Qualcomm MSM8926-2 Snapdragon 400, GPU Adreno 305, layar 4.8 inch berjenis IPS plus OS Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat). Bila Anda selfie di kolam renang, jangan khawatir karena android yang satu ini telah dilengkapi kamera 8 megapixel sehingga kualitas fotonya tidak diragukan lagi.

Android Murah Anti Air Terbaru


Download Cheat Engine untuk Android

Android saat ini merupakan sisterm operasi mobile terbesar di dunia, mengalahkan iOS, Blackberry, Symbian dan Windows Phone. Tak mengherankan jika setiap hari selalu saja ada game baru yang direlease untuk handphone Android ataupun Tablet Android. Game-game seperti Paradise Island, Angry Birds, My Country, Tower Raider, Reckless Racing, Sky Force sampai Raging Thunder.

Jika Anda sering main game Android di handphone Samsung Galaxy Mini, atau tablet Axioo Pico, Samsung Galaxy Tab, dan penasaran ingin menggunakan cheat engine untuk Android, sehingga Anda bisa menyelesaikan semua misi di game tersebut dengan mudah dan cepat, berikut ini adalah beberapa Cheat Engine untuk Handphone Android.

Cheat Engine for Android yang pertama adalah GAMECIH2. Cheat engine yang satu ini bisa didownload di Android Market dan sangat mudah untuk digunakan. Sebelum menggunakan GameCIH2 2.1.1 Anda terlebih dahulu harus menentukan Hot-Key untuk mengaktifkan GameCIH2 saat Anda bermain game. Anda bisa memilih tombol kamera, tombol volume, tombol search ataupun tombol lainnya. Sehingga nantinya memudahkan Anda saat akan menggunakan GameCIH2 karena hanya tinggal menekan Hot-Key tersebut.

Android Cheat Engine yang kedua adalah Game Guardian, berbeda dengan GameCIH2, di Game Guardian, Anda tidak harus menentukan hotkey, tapi cukup mengatur dimana letak icon Game Guardian, sehingga Anda bisa mudah icon Game Guardian tersebut, saat bermain game dan ingin menggunakan cheat engine.


Nelpon Gratis di Handphone Android ke Seluruh Dunia dengan Viber For Android

Viber adalah salah satu aplikasi dimana kita bisa nelpon gratis ke seluruh dunia (ke sesama pengguna Viber misalnya) dengan menggunakan koneksi 3G ataupun Wifi. Ini tentunya bisa menjadi salah satu solusi untuk menghemat pulsa. Setelah sekian lama hanya tersedia untuk sistem Operasi Apple iOS terutama di iPad dan iPhone, akhirnya Viber tersedia untuk Sistem Operasi Android meski masih dalam versi Beta Release.

Viber for Android bahkan hadir dengan berbagai fitur yang tidak ada untuk versi iOS, ini menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi penggunana Viber for Android. Beberapa fitur penting dari Viber untuk Android diantaranya adalah

  • PopUp Notifikasi untuk Text Messages
  • Kemampuan untuk men-set Viber sebagai aplikasi default buat Nelpon, jadi setiap Anda akan menelepon, maka Viber lah yang akan dipakai.
  • More Comprehensive Screen

Karena masih dalam versi Beta Release, maka mungkin saja ada bug-bug yang terjadi di Viber for Android, namun itu artinya kita bisa mengharapkan penyempurnaan dan tentunya fitur-fitur tambahan lain yang akan tersedia di Viber untuk Android saat Final Release nanti.

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Apakah WhatsApp itu?

When it comes to instant messaging are always talking about a protocol that is subject to a particular program or a particular platform, but this is where this application, WhatsApp enters and breaks the mold, and is not subject to any platform, and is available for different operating systems. Also if you have a data rate is free.

The philosophy is simple WhatsApp tries to follow, having a single program that you can talk to friends from the terminal regardless of operating system used, as it is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian.

Instructions for use
The mechanics of starting this program is as simple as opening the program will ask you to introduce our phone number then we will send a text message from the program to your mobile phone and from there and just we will review the list of friends who already use WhatsApp and start sending messages.

Messages in this program may be sent to other users even if they are not online, either because they do not have the program open or do not have data coverage at the time.

The messages can be text only or also can include anything from emoticons to images, videos, sound files, geographic locations related to google maps and contact information.

When it comes to attachments, you no longer need to have created earlier, we can capture an image at the same time and automatically attach to the conversation, from the same WhatsApp we are given this opportunity to choose to attach an image.

Similarly we want to ask how to attach audio files, allowing from existing files, to make voice messages at the same time thanks to the sound recorder that integrates the application itself. The other users only have to download the audio file and play it from the audio player of your choice.

If we are at a particular site and want to let you know a friend or simply recommend a local address we can send our location connected to Google Maps so you can join or visit the site at any time.

Centralized communications
From this program we can only send messages, you can access contact information, call the friend or send e-mail conversation to be recorded or can find a comfortable way at any time.

The comfort you can bring this program to communications can not be explained in a simple article, it is best to test the program for ourselves and from there we judge whether or not it is also clear that the comfort that can provide the program is the number of contacts that we already use it.

Additional Information WhatsApp
Type: Instant Messaging
Size: 3.4 MB.
Highlights: Interface simple introduction to using the program very intuitive picture attachments, simple video and voice
Negatives: To start using the program is needed for sending a text message.

Android Catatan Harian Facebook

Sweet & Spicy Love for Android: The Application For All Lovers!

Sweet & Spicy Love is an App made in Italy by Wemotic launched on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, but useful for anyone who loves at all times in which to launch their wish him / her a call or a romantic proposal a bit ‘hot, so simple and fun.

Sweet & Spicy Love can take a photo or select from a gallery and a personalized touch by choosing from a wide range of original designs the images that best express the type of message to be transmitted, with the possibility of using lipstick too nice to write a sentence.

After saving the photo so you can share customized via MMS, Email, Facebook or Twitter. The application interface is extremely user friendly.

The features are then as follows:

  • Can take a picture or select it within its own gallery;
  • Custom designs by choosing favorites among all the varieties available and provide, on a photo with a touch;
  • Write a sentence on the picture as desired using the icons / lipsticks available in different colors;
  • Once you save it in your own photo gallery;
  • Share with anyone you want via MMS, email, facebook, twitter.

The variety of images available to customize your photos and the ability to put any kind of sentence is an element that can make the application attractive for any occasion as a means of communication between couples.

Sweet & Spicy Love is available in the Android Market for 2.0 and above. You can find it by searching for “Spicy Sweet Love”

Android Facebook

Handphone Facebook: INQ Cloud Touch dan INQ Cloud Q

Finally, the Facebook Phone arrived on the scene. And not one but two. At least for now. We talked about the mobile INQ British firm has developed especially for fans of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, a pair of devices know as INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q.

HP Facebook

Are mobile with a version of Android that integrates a native application on Facebook, very different from the official can be downloaded from the Android Market. For now, no data on the launch of these devices, although they have been able to meet some of the benefits and even a video.

Android Tips dan Trick

The Best AntiVirus For Android

Trend Micro has released an update to your Mobile with the aim of protecting users’ browsing Android. Mobile Security for Digital files Android protects and secures banking on Android devices identifying and stopping both cybercriminals and online threats before they get to attack. Requiring little space and specially designed for Android, TrendMicro Mobile Security provides users the security and freedom they need for their mobility.

  • Among the main features of Mobile Security for Android include:
  • Safe Surf
  • Parental Controls
  • Download Protection
  • filtering calls and text

Mobile Security for Android technology also incorporates a filtering calls and texts through which users can create their own filters to block calls or unwanted text messages.

It also has shock protection that prevents downloading and installing Android false or malicious applications, while the parental control option to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.

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YourTube 2: Download YouTube Videos in your iDevice iOS4

YourTube 2 is a tweak available on cydia. It will let you download YouTube videos directly from YouTube and mobile application for the iPod in the implementation or video! YourTube 2 is available free on our cydia source.


  • After you install Tweak no icon added.
  • Open the application and go to Youtube video, a new button appears “Download Video”
  • Click on “Video Downlaod» choose quality download (hint: low quality when you’re in 3G and WiFi High)
  • The download starts but to find the video you must go to “Other” then “Downloads” (I suggest you move the logo in the toolbar at the bottom)
  • Step 4: Once the video is complete you can add it to the iPod application or video by clicking on the blue arrow and then “Add to iPod Library”
Tips dan Trick

Cara Setting GPRS Axis Secara Manual di Handphone Nexian

Kehadiran handphone murah seperti Nexian, iMO maupun Cross memang memberikan alternatif pilihan beragam, dengan rentang harga tidak terlalu tinggi, namun bisa mendapatkan sebuah handphone dengan fitur lengkap, termasuk didalamnya bisa internetan, facebookan sampai YM.

Nah, jika kamu mengalami kesulitan dalam mengakses Internet di Handphone Nexian misalnya, karena pengaturan internetnya tidak lengkap atau salah, berikut ini cara Setting Manual GPRS untuk berbagai operator di Indonesia.

Misal jika kamu menggunakan Handphone Nexian, masuk ke Menu > Pengaturan > Layanan dan Internet > Data Account > GPRS > Pilih pada akun yang belum tersetting, contohnya pada account 3, lalu tekan “ubah” langkah selanjutnya silahkan masukan parameter GPRS berikut ini.

Setting GPRS Manual AXIS

  • Connection Name : AXIS
  • Data Bearer : GPRS atau PS
  • Access Point Name (APN) : AXIS
  • Username : AXIS
  • Prompt Password : No
  • Password : 123456
  • Authentication : Normal
  • Gateway/Proxy IP Address :
  • Gateway/Proxy Port : 9201 atau 8080
  • Homepage :
  • Connection Security : Off
  • Session Mode : Permanent

Pengaturan GPRS Kartu XL

  • Connection Name: XL-GPRS
  • Data Bearer: GPRS
  • Access Point Name:
  • Username: xlgprs
  • Prompt Password: No
  • Password: proxl
  • Authentication: Normal
  • Homepage:
  • Connection Security: Off
  • Session Mode: Permanent
  • IP Address: Automatic
  • Proxy Server Address:
  • Proxy Port Number: 8080

Setting Manual untuk GPRS 3 (Three)

  • Settings’ Name: 3-GPRS
  • Homepage :
  • Proxies : Enable
  • Proxy address :
  • Port : 3128
  • GPRS access point : 3gprs
  • Authentication type : Normal
  • Login type : Automatic
  • Username : 3gprs
  • Password : 3gprs

Manual Setting GPRS Simpati dan Kartu As

  • Profile Name : TSEL GPRS
  • APN : Telkomsel
  • User name : wap
  • Password : wap123
  • Authentication : Normal
  • Gateway IP address :
  • Homepage :
  • Data Bearer : GPRS
  • Proxy port number : 9201 atau 8000

Settingan GPRS Mentari/ IM3

  • Profile Name : INDOSATGPRS
  • Homepage URL :
  • IP Address :
  • Bearer : GPRS
  • User Name : indosat
  • Password : indosat
  • APN : indosatgprs
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Cara Merubah Menu Speed Dial di Opera Mini

Bosan dengan tampilan menu awal Opera Mini, yang hanya menampilkan 9 Link yang tidak kamu suka? Tips sederhana berikut adalah cara merubah Menu Speed Dial di Opera Mini.

Caranya cukup mudah arahkan kursor ke kotak-kotak yang tersedia homescreen Opera Mini (ada sembilan kotak), Nah untuk merubah salah satu Speed Dial (kotak) tinggal klik kotak tersebut (jangan dilepaskan) sampai keluar pilihan “Clear” dan “Edit”, pilih Clear, sehingga kotak speed dial tersebut kini kosong (ada tanda +). Untuk mengisi Speed Dial tersebut dengan web favorit kamu, tinggal klik tanda +

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