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Nokia X2 – Nokia dengan Sistem Operasi Android dan Windows Phone

Kehadiran Nokia X2 tampaknya semakin dekat dan nyata, konon Nokia X2 memiliki sistem operasi Android dan Windows Phone. Dua Sistem Operasi dalam satu handphone ini, tentunya akan memberikan sebuah keuntungan tersendiri dimana Anda bisa menikmati Android dan Windows Phone dalam satu handphone.

Keunggulan Nokia X2 lainnya dikabarkan bahwa ponsel ini akan bisa mengakses Google Play Service, sehingga akan memudahkan Anda untuk download aplikasi dan game Android di Nokia X2.

Bila Anda ingin mencicipi bagaimana rasanya Windows Phone namun Anda tetap bisa menggunakan Android di ponsel Anda, maka Nokia X2 bisa menjadi alternatif pilihan yang sangat tepat.


Aplikasi Youtube Player untuk Nokia N8 dan Nokia C7

Bila Anda senang nonton video Youtube secara online di ponsel Nokia, baik itu di Nokia N8, Nokia X7 sampai C6-01 maka FastTube bisa menjadi pilihan terbaik agar Anda bisa nonton Video Youtube secara online dimanapun dan kapanpun Anda berada.

Beberapa kelebihan dari Aplikasi FastTube for Nokia diantaranya adalah secara default aplikasi ini akan memutarkan video dalam kualitas HD, sehingga Anda bisa menyaksikan video Youtube lebih asik dan lebih menyenangkan. Meski demikian FastTube juga bisa diatur untuk memutar video Youtube dalam resolusi rendah, ini sangat bermanfaat terutama jika Anda mengakses Youtube dalam koneksi internet yang lemot seperti dalam jaringan gprs atau edge.

Aplikasi FastTube untuk Nokia juga mampu menampilkan comment, deskripsi dari video yang sedang kita putar, dan bahkan menampilkan related video yang mungkin akan menarik minat Anda untuk menontonnya.

FastTube for Nokia bisa Anda download langsung dari Nokia Ovi Store langsung dari Ponsel Nokia Anda. Jangan khawatir, aplikasi ini tersedia secara gratis, jadi Anda bisa bebas mendownloadnya. Selamat menonton Video Youtube di Ponsel Nokia Anda!


Kumpulan Tips dan Trick untuk Nokia Lumia 710 dan Lumia 610

Ponsel Nokia Lumia 800 merupakan salah satu ponsel high end dari Nokia yang hadir dengan OS Windows Phone 7, sedangkan Nokia Lumia 710 termasuk ponsel Mid Range, dan Nokia Lumia 610 merupakan ponsel Low End bersistem operasi Windows Phone 7 dari Nokia.

Nah di bawah ini adalah tips dan trick terbaik untuk ponsel Nokia Lumia, baik itu Lumia 800 ataupun Lumia 710 dan 610, karena semuanya bersistem operasi sama yakni Windows Phone 7 dari Microsoft.

Kode rahasia Nokia Lumia, cukup tekan ##634# untuk mengakses menu mengetes kinerja dari ponsel Nokia Lumia Anda. Di Menu ini Anda bisa melakukan tes terhadap kondisi Nokia Lumia.

Modus silence dengan cepat dan mudah di Nokia Lumia. Saat ada telepon dan Nokia Lumia Anda berderang dengan keras padahal Anda lagi di kelas atau lagi rapat, cukup tekan tombol volume beberapa saat, maka ponsel Nokia Lumia Andapun akan otomatis silence tanpa harus ngereject telepon.

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Tips Ganti Wallpaper dan Tema di Windows Phone 7 (Nokia Lumia 610)

Baru menggunakan Windows Phone 7 di Nokia Lumia 800 atau Nokia Lumia 710, dan masih bingung cara ganti tema dan wallpaper di Nokia Lumia 610 dan Lumia 800? Berikut ini langkah cepat dan mudah untuk mengganti tema dan Wallpaper di Windows Phone 7.

Langkah Ganti Wallpaper di Nokia Lumia – pertama masuk ke Setting dengan cara geser layar ke dari kanan ke kiri atau tekan tombol panah di atas layar. Masuk ke menu Lock + Wallpaper – Change Wallpaper, kemudian Anda cari wallpaper yang sudah tersedia secara default di Nokia Lumia Anda atau bisa juga menggunakan wallpaper yang ada di koleksi foto milik Anda.

Sedangkan untuk mengganti Theme di Nokia Lumia 900 atau Lumia 610, cara sangat mudah sekali. Sama seperti akan mengganti Wallpaper, silahkan masuk ke menu Setting, namun kini Anda pilih menu Theme. Selanjutnya pada Background tentukan apakah mau light atau dark, begitu juga pada Accent Color, pilih warna sesuai dengan keinginan Anda. Pilihan Accent Color ini akan merubah warna tampilan kotak-kotak di Windows Phone 7, jika Anda bosan tampilan kotak berwarna Cyan, Anda bisa menggantinya warna merah ataupun pink dan warna lainnya.

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Download Game Angry Birds Rio Carnival Terbaru Untuk Nokia, Android dan iPhone

Game paling populer untuk Android, iPhone dan Nokia yakni Angry Birds kini tersedia dalam versi terbaru yakni Angry Birds Rio Carnival. Dalam episode terbaru ini, bakal tersedia 15 level baru yang siap untuk ditaklukan, tak hanya itu dalam episode Carnival ini, kita bakal menemukan beberapa karakter Angry Birds terbaru.

Jika Anda menggunakan Handphone Android semisal Motorola Milestone, Samsung Galaxy S Mini , Sony Ericsson eXperia X10, Anda bisa mendownload Angry Birds Rio Carnival ini langsung dari Android Market secara gratis.

Untuk iPhone dan iPad bisa langsung Download Angry Birds Rio Carnival for iPhone di Apple App Store sedangkan jika Anda menggunakan handphone Nokia seperti Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 ataupun Nokia C7 bisa mendownload Game Angry Birds untuk Nokia dari Nokia Ovi Store.

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Apakah WhatsApp itu?

When it comes to instant messaging are always talking about a protocol that is subject to a particular program or a particular platform, but this is where this application, WhatsApp enters and breaks the mold, and is not subject to any platform, and is available for different operating systems. Also if you have a data rate is free.

The philosophy is simple WhatsApp tries to follow, having a single program that you can talk to friends from the terminal regardless of operating system used, as it is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian.

Instructions for use
The mechanics of starting this program is as simple as opening the program will ask you to introduce our phone number then we will send a text message from the program to your mobile phone and from there and just we will review the list of friends who already use WhatsApp and start sending messages.

Messages in this program may be sent to other users even if they are not online, either because they do not have the program open or do not have data coverage at the time.

The messages can be text only or also can include anything from emoticons to images, videos, sound files, geographic locations related to google maps and contact information.

When it comes to attachments, you no longer need to have created earlier, we can capture an image at the same time and automatically attach to the conversation, from the same WhatsApp we are given this opportunity to choose to attach an image.

Similarly we want to ask how to attach audio files, allowing from existing files, to make voice messages at the same time thanks to the sound recorder that integrates the application itself. The other users only have to download the audio file and play it from the audio player of your choice.

If we are at a particular site and want to let you know a friend or simply recommend a local address we can send our location connected to Google Maps so you can join or visit the site at any time.

Centralized communications
From this program we can only send messages, you can access contact information, call the friend or send e-mail conversation to be recorded or can find a comfortable way at any time.

The comfort you can bring this program to communications can not be explained in a simple article, it is best to test the program for ourselves and from there we judge whether or not it is also clear that the comfort that can provide the program is the number of contacts that we already use it.

Additional Information WhatsApp
Type: Instant Messaging
Size: 3.4 MB.
Highlights: Interface simple introduction to using the program very intuitive picture attachments, simple video and voice
Negatives: To start using the program is needed for sending a text message.

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Download Game Terbaik untuk Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7

Data a bit surprised that Nokia published, as that 62% of all paid downloads of games are made in Ovi Shop for Nokia N8, C7 and C6-01, without a doubt a spectacular figures for Symbian ^3, and that more needs to be show Nokia E7 (around April).

Now We could know the top 10 most downloaded games for Symbian ^ 3, including Disks surprising touch, a simple game of 4 in a row, the Connect 4 Life-wink icon Top 10 most downloaded games for Nokia N8, C7 and C6 01. The full list is:

  1. Angry Birds
  2. Need for Speed Shift HD.
  3. Marble Maze Classic
  4. Galaxy on Fire
  5. Skiller WallBall
  6. Disks Touch
  7. Bounce Boing Battle
  8. Cube Touch XXL
  9. Air Hockey Touch
  10. Soccer Bounce

New Update NetQin v.4 Antivirus for Nokia 5800

NetQin Anti-virus best antivirus and antimalware free for Nokia smartphones now receives an upgrade to version 4.0 with new features, improved user interface make it a very intuitive application. Tested on Nokia 5800.

NetQin Anti-virus stands out among others for their tools of exploration and removal of viruses very fast, real-time protection including firewall, update its virus database, security overview for optimal performance of our Nokia, manager application and starting throttle. It also includes a device information system, Safe mode and updated information about new threats.

Just install it and presto, not required to sign an application that is completely free! The antivirus is available only in English because it is a newly released version but in my experience compared with other antivirus is very light and very easy to use as all NetQin applications.


Free Download TwimGo for Nokia N8

TwimGo, one of the best Twitter clients that we find, now available for our Nokia N8, Nokia C7, C6-01, E7, and for our Nokia 5800, 5530, 5230, Nokia X6, C6 and N97. TwimGo is also able to disclose our location, and also shows Twitpic yFrog previews within the application. TwimGo is based on Qt.

One of the peculiarities of this application is that it can show the tweet in two columns in landscape or horizontal mode, it also shows the tweet in a single column in portrait mode or vertical.

TwimGo is available free on the Nokia Ovi Store.


Transfer Files from Laptop to Handphone with Dukto for Nokia

This time we present an application for Symbian ^ 3 simple but very useful. Have you ever wanted to transfer files from your computer to your phone, but had no desire or time to connect? Then Dukto is an application that will interest you.

Basically, the application lets you transfer files using a Wi Fi connection between our phone and a computer, which can be either Windows, Mac or Linux. With Dukto can send and receive files, folders or any file from another device on the network. Simply run the application and select what you want to transfer, without requiring any installation on your PC.

Either way, though not “need “to install software on your computer, it is best that we install the software Side show them down. File transfer is very fast, far surpassing the Bluetooth transfer to which, unfortunately Hermos we used to.

Dukto is free, and all you need is to download the file from Ovi Store, along with the program for our desktop (if you want) and we’re ready to go. If you are transferring many files to their phones, definitely recommend it.