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Aplikasi Update Status BBM Lucu dan Romantis

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Apakah Anda sedang mencari status update facebook romantis dan lucu? Atau update status BBM romantis tapi gokil? Dengan menulis kata-kata lucu atau romantis di Facebook dan BBM, tentu saja akan membuat upstat kita banyak di like, disukai oleh teman-teman kita.

Tapi, masalahnya saat akan menulis status facebook, BBM  atau twitt di twitter, tiba-tiba saja kita suka bingung, kalimat apa sih yang lucu itu? Udah bolak-balik ngetik, ketika dibaca lagi, eh ternyata tidak lucu, akhirnya hapus lagi engga jadi dibikin status. Lalu ngetik lagi, baca lagi, hapus lagi begitu seterusnya karena kita merasa status yang akan kita buat kurang lucu alias tidak terlalu unik.

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May 17, 2014

Arti Bahasa Gaul di BBM dan Twitter

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Tak jarang kita mendengar atau membaca twit di twitter yang bunyinya “Keren abis boil kamu, baru yaa” atau “daripada LDR-an lebih baik pacaran jarak jauh aja” atau juga “Panas bingit?, dingin kelles” ada banyak bahasa atau kata Gaul yang sering kita temui sehari-hari, dan terkadang kita tidak mengerti atau tidak tahu apa sih maksud atau arti dari kata-kata yang mereka katakan.

Bila Anda merasa gaptek atau kudet alias kurang mengikuti perkembangan zaman dan kurang mengerti dari bahasa gaul, jangan khawatir karena kini ada sebuah aplikasi yang khusus membahas tentang bahasa dan kata gaul yaitu Kamus Gaul Keren for Android. Sebuah aplikasi yang diperuntukan untuk ponsel Android, baik itu Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Mega, Oppo N1 ataupun HTC One! Read more…

April 3, 2014

Daftar Aplikasi Terbaik untuk iPad

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Baru membeli sebuah iPad? Dan bingung aplikasi apa saja yang layak dan terbaik untuk iPad. Tips iPad berikut adalah beberapa Aplikasi terbaik untuk iPad yang bisa Anda install dan tentunya Andapun bisa mendapatkan manfaat lebih dari iPad.

Flipboard for iPad – Jika Anda sering mengakses Facebook dan Twitter di iPad, maka aplikasi Flipboard bisa menjadi alternatif pilihan terbaik untuk membantu Anda selalu uptodate dengan Facebook dan Twitter Anda.

Tweetdeck – meski namanya sedikit identik dengan Twitter namun jangan khawatir dengan Tweetdeck, selain Anda bisa melakukan Tweet bisa juga mengupdate Status Facebook di iPad.

iBooks – iPad hadir tujuan utamanya adalah sebagai ebook reader, nah aplikasi iBooks merupakan Aplikasi eBook Reader terbaik untuk iPad yang bisa menambah kenyamanan Anda untuk membaca ebook di iPad.

IMDB for iPad – tidak mau ketinggalan dengan info film terbaru di iPad, maka Anda wajib menginstall IMBD for iPad, biar Anda selalu uptodate dengan info terkini dan terbaru seputar film. Jangan khawatir film-film yang bakal direlease ataupun film terbaru seperti Transformer The Dark Moon akan tersedia ulasan lengkapnya di IMDB.

Pandora – Aplikasi iPad yang satu ini, khusus untuk mendengarkan Radio Online di iPad. Jika Anda bosan mendengarkan koleksi MP3 di iPad, maka mendengarkan radio online dengan aplikasi Pandora bisa menjadi alternatif mengisi waktu luang.

Netflix / Hulu Plus – Dua aplikasi iPad ini, diperuntukkan untuk Streaming Video atau Film di iPad.

Dropbox – Aplikasi penyimpan file online untuk iPad. Dengan Dropbox Anda bisa menyimpan file secara online di internet dan mengakses file tersebut tidak hanya di iPad tapi juga Laptop, Android, bahkan Blackberry.

Beberapa Alternatif aplikasi iPad terbaik lainnya seperti USA Today, FitnessClass, Epicurious,, Pocket Legend, Yelp, The Onion. Semua aplikasi tersebut bisa Anda dapatkan di iTunes App Store langsung dari iPad.

June 24, 2011

Aplikasi Terbaik untuk Blackberry 8520 dan Blackberry 8900

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For fans of this spectacular cell, we often wonder what applications we have in our cell,,,, here are some applications that may be interested.

The famous BBM or BlackBerry Messenger: Connect with friends anywhere. BlackBerry Messenger even to make dinner plans or wish Selamat Idul Fitri to someone. Chat and share funny stories, pictures, videos and more.

Facebook for Blackberry: lets you stay connected with your friends from anywhere in the world was never so easy. Share your updates, receive messages as they become available and displays the status and photos of your friends. Places can even use Facebook to see the location of your friends and show yours.

Twitter: This application only takes a moment to make your favorite stocks on Twitter: Post, reply, forward and send tweets, share photos, links to reviews RSS, URL and Facebook updates.

WhatsApp: an instant messaging application available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and using BlackBerry smartphone to receive notifications from instantly messages between contacts.

TuneIn Radio: works with WI-FI only, and leaves you heard a lot online radios. Doing very well and find virtually the radio you want.

Picture Magic: With this application you will be able to immortalize the most amusing and entertaining moments that occur during the holidays. You can also share images with friends and family.

IM +: multi-platform application that lets you use instant messaging in the following services in the same application: MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, Facebook, MySpace, Skype, Twitter.

Bolt – Internet Browser: Like Blackberry has a proprietary web browser that works pretty well, Bolt is the browser you can download free from this link and then test it on my Bold I recognize that goes quite well and has more interesting features

Windows Live Messenger lets you chatearen virtual real time with instant messaging instant messaging contacts whenever and wherever you want, not just when you’re in front of your computer.

Wallspaper shifter: Wallpaper Shifter is a smart tool allows your phone change wallpaper automatically, you can define a folder and the desired range at the same time.

U2 Mobile Album: Now you can get closer to U2 while on tour and away from home. Follow the tour group as 360 º using the Mobile U2 Album. U2 is all about, and access all from your BlackBerry smartphone.

Crush SMS: You are to send many SMS all the time? CrunchSMS is for you: it is a bubble with SMS chat application format as seen in the iPhone and Android phones. The SMS coming soon

Calorie Tracker: It’s no secret we tend to enjoy long and hearty meals during the holidays. Why not handle this without having to feel guilty?

Fake Call – an application that will save you from any uncomfortable situation provides users with a BlackBerry ® smartphone simulating an incoming call from a contact as if it were a real call, in order to escape from these meetings …

The Weather Eye: With the BlackBerry you will be informed of the time, can choose any city.

101 Movie lines: The best way to laugh is to play games together. Movie Lines with 101 users can quote famous lines from movies so loved ones can guess from what movie.

Memory up Staff: MemoryUp Personal is an application whose function is to monitor and improve the use of RAM on your mobile. With this tool you can free up memory for the system to function more efficiently and the yield is much higher.

BBTran: Job Description: is an easy to use online multi-translation that helps users to translate words, phrases and a dictionary search. BBTran supports over 30 languages (Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc).

Capture it: it is an application designed to help developers and BlackBerry users to share with colleagues or public image of the screen of your device with ease.

Fancy char: is a wonderful application that we use a lot of us we spent stuck in the blackberry messenger, lets you add a huge amount of symbols and figures in the email, SMS, instant messaging and PIN messages and status !

CamCard: This app is great, is to take a picture of a business card, scans it and you save all data on it with the option of passing it as a contact for blackberry!

Shazam: Identify songs you’re playing on the radio. The free version users get five songs per month, but you can buy the unlimited version.

May 1, 2011