The Best AntiVirus For Android

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Trend Micro has released an update to your Mobile with the aim of protecting users’ browsing Android. Mobile Security for Digital files Android protects and secures banking on Android devices identifying and stopping both cybercriminals and online threats before they get to attack. Requiring little space and specially designed for Android, TrendMicro Mobile Security provides users the security and freedom they need for their mobility.

  • Among the main features of Mobile Security for Android include:
  • Safe Surf
  • Parental Controls
  • Download Protection
  • filtering calls and text

Mobile Security for Android technology also incorporates a filtering calls and texts through which users can create their own filters to block calls or unwanted text messages.

It also has shock protection that prevents downloading and installing Android false or malicious applications, while the parental control option to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content.

January 14, 2011
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