Beranda The Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

The Best Cydia Apps for iPhone

This category contains applications that may be particularly useful for interacting with the system files, monitor your data, and much more!

  • Winterboard is an application that prompts users to do the jailbreak. If you’re tired of the usual look and feel of your device, you can not only appreciate this application. Allows you to change icons and parts of the EU simply downloading themes directly from Cydia and activities in a few taps.
  • Backgrounder. Although iOS4 has introduced the possibility to leave the application in the background, Backgrounder developer is able to integrate your application with the system used by Apple, managing to extend the functions and providing support for applications not yet updated by the developers AppStore.
  • IFile. A powerful file manager that allows you to explore your system files, edit and create new ones. It integrates seamlessly with file sharing iOS4 and lets you open several extensions of files to find the full list here. E ‘can also send files via bluetooth between two devices Jailbroken Apple and move easily into folders. The application is available for free on Cydia, but you can use all the functions only through a license that is purchased separately.
  • Notified and Notified Pro If you think that the push notifications of IOS are really thin features and options, then you should definitely try Notified. With this application, you can disable or enable push notifications for messages, calendar alerts, battery and much more. Furthermore, the application allows you to keep in mind all the notifications received, ordering time and date and with the ability to save bookmarks. With the Pro version finally available on Cydia Store at a price of $ 2.99, you get a lot more features and extensions, such as Bar and Statusbar Notification..
  • SBSettings. This is an application Cydia Jailbroken free all devices should have. Using simple gestures and movements in fact, we can interact with the main functions of your iPhone. Through a simple interface for example, we can turn down or turn off the 3G and WiFi connection, restart the device or adjust the brightness of the screen. Find more details in our previous articles.
  • Activator is a utility developed by Ryan Petrich that allows you to set some special gestures to quickly open programs Cydia and beyond who used more frequently.
  • MobileTerminal is the mobile version of Terminal, and may be helpful to resolve any problems with Cydia or fixare permissions with the files, not install it. Deb file and run useful commands.
  • YXFlash is an application that allows you to display on your iPhone video formats that are not currently supported, such as Xvid, DivX and WMV. You can find the application in its free version directly on Cydia.
  • YourTube is an amazing tweak that allows you to download videos from YouTube by integrating seamlessly with the native iPhone application. In a few clicks you will be able to download the video quality by choosing between low, medium and high. E ‘available on Cydia Store at a price of $ 5.
  • PKGBackup is an application that will be especially useful to all users who want to backup your Cydia applications, since the latter are not saved by the backup made by iTunes. The application is available on Cydia Store at a price of € 1.99.
  • Frash application is still under development by Comex, which is used to enable viewing of Flash content directly in the native browser Safari Mobile..
  • IJDownloader is a fantastic application available through our repository, developed by Giovanni Chiappini, which allows you to remotely control directly from your iPhone or iPod Touch, jdownloader application for Mac and Windows.
  • Signal Strength and two applications are developed by two leading figures from the world of Jailbreak, PlanetBeing and Erica Sadun. They give advanced information on receiving antenna and the location of the nearest repeater. Signal is available on Cydia Store at a price of $ 4.99.
  • Display Recorder is an application made by the excellent Ryan Petrich can record high quality, everything that happens on the screen of your device and export the all in one movie. Avi on your computer or directly to your YouTube channel. Find the complete list of functions here, and find the application on Cydia Store at a price of $ 4.99.
  • Locktopus. One of the shortcomings of IOS is the inability to password protect your applications. Through Locktopus, we can overcome this lack, and thanks to simple and intuitive interface, set a password for applications that do not wish to open these other onlookers who use our device. Just because mode “wiggle” with which you move the icons and click on the padlock icon that is located on the corner of the applications. Locktopus is available on Cydia Store at a price of $ 2.
  • ZToggle. If you own an iPhone 3G or iPod Touch 2G, this application is a must have. It allows, through a simple interface to enable or disable the native iOS4 Multitasking and backgrounds in the SpringBoard. In case you have an iPhone 3G / 4 and you are not satisfied with the changes in the new version of IOS, you can always disable them with simple toggle. zToggle is available for free on Cydia.
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