The Best iPad Applications of the Year

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In a previous post we reported about applications for the iPhone and iPad, both free and paid, most downloaded of the year. However, integrating this prestigious list does not necessarily mean that they are the best ones. Moreover, there are many apps that are worth being known, and why not tested directly for you.

Today we want to mention some of the best applications for the iPad developed during 2010. To begin, we will discuss Flipboard, an ideal application for those who like to always be informed. Application selects the most important links and social media together into a magazine, so you can access all the information in one place. All text and images displayed on it are taken from the sources.

Palette Remote is an application to paint, though not the crowd. To use this software is necessary to have an iPhone and iPad. Once you have connected both mobile devices via Bluetooth, the iPhone can select different options such as strokes and the colors you use. Then, simply use your fingers to paint on the canvas, ie, the iPad.

Instapaper for the iPad is equal to the version for the iPhone. However, the features of Apple tablet makes it work better. You can save pages with Instapaper web and read whenever you want. The pages are arranged in the form of eBook in the same order in which you saved. In this way, your iPad will become an e-reader.

January 3, 2011
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