Beranda The Best Photo Editor for Nokia N8

The Best Photo Editor for Nokia N8

If you paid attention to Nokia N8 Camera School, you probably already know the excellent potential for the Nokia N8 to take pictures with its 12 megapixel camera. The thing is, once we get the picture, what we do with it? We can improve it using photo editing software, which comes in the new Symbian devices. Below we show how usarlo.Una get that picture again that we like, we can edit it from our phone, without having to upload a photo to our computer, saving time searching lose the USB cable. Photo Editor is launched automatically from the gallery of photos on our Nokia N8, and once loaded we can crop images, reduce red eye, add animation or special effects.

The option to crop images allows us to cut unnecessary parts of the background, such as unwanted someone has left in the photo. Once we cut everything we wanted, then we can add special effects to bring out extra that picture a little more, or add something funny to the scene. Like the old stickers to the pictures developed, we can add thought bubbles over someone’s head, or a fake mustache who fit.

We can also try using the effects section, to convert the black and white photo, or add some lightning effects to give it more “color” to the scene. While red eyes are the players to ruin the pictures many times, we can correct it using the special tool for that. If we forget to use the correct flash mode, you can select the picture with bright eyes, and pressing the red eyes, then touch the screen where you want to remove the red, here are OK and ready, and we got rid of that so annoying effect. How about this software? If you are lucky enough to try it, do not hesitate to leave your opinions in the comments below.

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