Beranda The Best Sports App for iPhone?

The Best Sports App for iPhone?

Well if you answered yes to both questions in the title of the post, you may as I have found one of the more applications you’re going to enjoy all the Appstore, I’m talking about RunKeeper.

Well I wonder which RunKeeper to go and enjoy, because basically with you in those “moments of solitude” in which you are running, or swimming or cycling, or … (many sports), monitoring all your activity sport in order for you to analyze a posteriori.

Not only records the duration of the activity you’re doing but thanks to the use of the iPhone GPS is constantly keeping your position and moving it to a map in which upon completion of your activity you will see the path you have made.

During operation, the program you will be talking about real time informing the total activity time, distance traveled, average time per mile (the truth that this part helps to motivate you while you’re in the race).

The thing is not there, the truth that what I like about this application is that once you get home after sports, shower and relax, you can Logar in the RunKeeper website and analyze your activity and compare it with previous days if you have progressed in distance traveled, speed, calories burned … This is the part that makes you go encouraging to go further, faster, and you go “hooking”.

The site has all kinds of reports, miles accumulated busiest days, progress etc. Have a choice of network style build your own computer and follow friends who can see their routes, their activities in real time and compare them with yours.

Ultimately my RunKeeper has enchanted me you can find free version but with limitations on the appstore, but I recommend purchasing the full version because if you love sports and want to have full control over your activities and progress this is your application .

There are other similar applications, but to me this is precisely what seems to me more complete.

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