The Most Anticipated Applications for iPhone: VLC for iPhone

by Nesaci
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The useful and multifunctional desktop player VLC was introduced as the next great application for IOS.This software becomes an important tool for desktop computers is now available in App Store ready to use on the iPhone, and so join her sister’s iPad, without a jailbreak the device.

The application will only work with the iPhone 3G or iPhone 4 in addition to the iPod generation. Also according to users who have tried it, say it can play 720p video quality, although the hardware is not indicated. The reason is that other devices are not fast enough to play most videos.

This application is characterized by supporting a wide range of formats and extensions and in this case is no exception, and you can see the video attachments from Mail or Safari.The application is currently under review by Apple, so it is expected to be readily available to the public.


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