Transfer Photos and Video from iPad Using Wifi Wireless Connection with MediaTransfer App

by Nesaci
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With MediaTransfer without iTunes you can transfer photos and video from the iPad to any computer (Mac or PC) at a speed of wireless. With iPad applications like this can put aside the cumbersome process that sometimes involves us having to go through iTunes to make any file transfer, as in this case pictures and video.

In addition to this particular case is a breakthrough to make that transfer wirelessly, without cables and without having to send the pictures by other means, either email or a type of cloud DropBox software. MediaTransfer transfer videos and photos directly to your Mac or PC without the need for choosing the photos you go one on one, just pulsáis a button and start copying the images and videos to your computer.

If you have a Mac the process is fully automatic, if you have a PC you’ll have to install some FTP software (many free), because the transfer is made hereby, and not bring the default Windows FTP, Mac itself. One advantage of this application in relation to others is that there is no limit on the size of files being sent. Also will not have to be very aware of when to send data to the computer, because when there is a significant number of new pictures and videos on your iPad that are not in your computer, launch the application itself a reminder, and just accept, it shall shipping.

What do you think you can transfer without cables? IPad  application MediaTransfer is already available in the App Store for free.


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